Kids Forced to Read Police Brutality, Black Panthers, White Privilege, Amnesty Propaganda


Students are being inundated with leftist ideology in K-12 education thanks to Common Core.

According to Stop Common Core North Carolina, fourth graders are now required to read novels that wallow in tales of police brutality, laud the Black Panthers, and promote white privilege and amnesty. This has been going on in the universities for decades but now it’s being taught throughout the PK-12 school system.

Huey Lewis has replaced Mickey Mouse in one novel and another distorts the history of Cesar Chavez and his movement for migrants’ rights.

One Crazy Summer, by Rita Williams-Garcia, is a tale in which three sisters are sent by their negligent mother to a camp run by the Black Panthers.

As observed by Progressives Today, one of Amazon’s positive reviews of the book denies the subject matter is too adult for children, since the Black Panthers are portrayed as trying to fight for equality as follows:

A few reviewers complain that today’s young people won’t understand the story as well as they could because they’ve never heard of the Black Panthers nor are familiar with some other historical content. But I feel the comments and context make it clear that such references deal with black groups fighting for equality and against being discriminated against by the white establishment and its cultural enforcers, the white police.

Lovely, isn’t it?

Another book required in the same school system – Esperanza Rising – shapes childrens’ views on illegal immigration, class warfare, unions and police brutality It’s all from the leftist point of view.

It is the story of a Mexican girl forced by tragedy to flee her ranch with her family and become a migrant worker in California. She is confronted with irrational police brutality and heroic unions. Her trials and tribulations are punctuated by her realization that there are more important things than money.

In some schools, the book is being used in conjunction with the UN Declaration of Rights (UDHR).

A fifth grade class in N. Babylon, Long Island, read the story in combination with the UN’s Declaration of Rights last year and it was lauded in the local papers as if that were a good thing. It’s a lesson being taught throughout New York State.

The UN Declaration is a social justice and redistribution document. It’s a bill of entitlements. The UN has been selling this thing since 1948. It’s pure Marxism.

The lesson this fifth grade class was taught came directly from the NY Common Core Engage NY lessons.

Engage NY requires students to identify passages from the book “Esperanza Rising” and relate them to the UDHR.

From Esperanza Rising:

“Change has not come fast enough, Esperanza. The wealthy still own most of the land while some of the poor have not even a garden plot. There are cattle grazing on the big ranches yet some peasants are forced to eat cats.” (page 12)

The UN Declaration of Rights that is referenced and coordinated with this page:

Article 25, Right to adequate living standard

A. You have the right to the things you and your family need to have a healthy and comfortable life, including food, clothing, housing, medical care, and other social services. You have a right to help if you are out of work or unable to work.”

NY curricula focuses on and promotes the UN Declaration of Human Rights.

Eag News posted an article about the Show What You Know on the Common Core put out by Show What You Know Publishing. One story for grade 6 is about a fictitious Megamart store that will put smaller businesses out of business. Obviously they mean Walmart and stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot, stores that buy in bulk and save us all money.

One passage:

“The mayor admitted that Megamart is infamous for closing small businesses where it goes,” the writer, Lucidia James Pickett, states. “Local entrepreneurs cannot compete with the low prices of Megamart, and they will have to move their stores elsewhere to keep their sales up and their businesses running.”

The questions lead children to condemn the large box stores. It’s clearly a far-left political ideology at play. Unions despise Walmart in particular because they are not unionized. Also in the far-left world, ideology holds precedent over practicality.

EAGnews previously wrote about 4th graders bring forced to read a book designed to make them acknowledge their evil “white privilege,” while 2nd graders learned about the “scales of fairness,” and how unfair capitalism is. Only true equality will exist when everyone has equal resources, regardless of their different talents and different levels of effort, according to these lessons.

American ideals of individualism and earned success are going by the wayside.

California is currently trying to subject K-12 to consensual sex ed classes. The classes are being led by Planned Parenthood.

Parents need to monitor what their children are reading and they need to speak up.

Caleb Bonham, Editor-in-Chief of Campus Reform explained on Fox & Friends Sunday.