Kim Jong Il of North Korea Is Dead – Judgment Day for A Murderous Dictator

Kim Jong Ill, Creepy Little Dictator

One more vicious dictator has bitten the dust, cashed in the chips, bought the farm, croaked, kicked the bucket, is pushing up daisies, mostly he’s passed on to the great commie Utopia in the sky.

He is off to meet his maker at age 69 or 70, depending on which report you read, and he died so Jong.

No sooner was the announcement made, when NK test fired another missile. Un, the son, will prove no better than Il

LA Times:…Kim remained to the end an unrepentant communist, refusing to liberalize North Korea’s economy even as his people became some of the world’s poorest, with millions dying of starvation and tens of thousands imprisoned on charges of political crimes. While rival South Korea became one of the world’s wealthiest nations, many in the North have earned less than a dollar a month.

Though his bouffant hairdo, oversize glasses and elevator shoes made him widely parodied, Kim also had a reputation as a canny survivor and negotiator. He weathered a storm of international condemnation to acquire and develop nuclear devices, one of which his country tested in 2006…

Kim Jong Un on Right, Looks Like A Little Sociopath