Kim Jong Un Sends Thousands to Camps for Not Crying Enough & Jimmy Carter Expresses Hope For Kim Jong Un’s Every Success


While outside of N.Korea, people made fun of the crocodile tears being shed by “mourners” for the late, not-so-great, Kim Jong Il, that country’s leaders were taking notes of anyone who did not attend or who did not cry or cry sincerely enough. Now those people are being sent to labor re-training camps for at least 6 months or are being banished to remote  areas with their families.

It is expected that thousands will be sent to prison camps. People are being blasted with Kim Jong Un propaganda via megaphones and being trained to idolize Kim J. Un day and night. Read here: Daily Mail

N.Korea has two prison camps or zones, one is for people who committed serious crimes and no one ever leaves that zone. The second is for less serious crimes such as criticizing the government or trying to flee the country. Sentences in the second zone or Revolutionary Zone Camps range from a few months to 10 years. Forty percent of inmates in the camps die from malnutrition and every former inmate interviewed witnessed at least one public execution.

Kim Jong Il was honored by the UN General Assembly of fools, minus the U.S., with a moment of silence after his death. Read here: Revolting UN Frauds Honor Mass Murderer, Kim Jong Il

Speaking of frauds, KCNA reported that former U.S. President Jimmy Carter sent a personal condolence letter to Kim Jong Un, the son of the late North Korean leader who was tapped to succeed him. The news agency said Carter wished the next leader of North Korea “every success as he assumes his new responsibility of leadership, looking forward to another visit to (North Korea) in the future.” 

Jimmy Carter wants a dictator of a repressive regime to have every success. Could Carter be any more despicable?

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