Kindergarten Show Canceled So The Kids Can Prepare for College



Elwood Schools, where kindergarten children prepare for careers and college.

An end of the year show for kindergarten children has been canceled in a suburban Long Island school district so the children can work to get “college and career ready”. This is another Common Core side effect.

Five year olds getting ready for college. Why’d they wait so long! They wasted the toddler years.

Ellen Best-Laimit, the interim principal of Harley Avenue Primary School in Elwood, N.Y., and four kindergarten teachers sent the letter out to parents letting them know the two-day play was canceled.

No one at the school responded to the Washington Post’s requests for an interview, no one who signed the letter and not the Superintendent.

Michael Conte, a spokesman for Superintendent Scordo, said in an e-mail on Saturday:

Yes, the letter is authentic. As it states, the Harley Avenue Primary School educators believe that this decision is in the best interest of students.
I don’t have anything more to add for your consideration. Thank you for reaching out.

I’m sure they’re very happy about the Washington Post reaching out.

It’s the Common Core era of standardized tests. School districts and teachers are being evaluated based on these tests so the test prep must go on you know.

Check out the letter:


I thought a play could give them lifelong skills.

Mrs. Solis, the parent who exposed this, has a petition going for parents who want to sign to get the show put back into the calendar: click here

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