Kirsten Powers Tells Megyn Kelly Her Premiums Almost Doubled



Cartoon of the Obombacare explosion

A segment on The Kelly File Thursday was worth watching and in case you missed it, I have it posted here. It gives a good summary of what we were promised by Mr. Obama which is very different from what is actually happening.

The exchange between Megyn Kelly and liberal Kirsten Powers is especially interesting because Powers herself has seen a significant increase in her payments and she wonders what happens to people who have families to pay for.

If you’ve read any of the Internet news Friday you know that people are being tossed off their healthcare plans and are signing up for Medicaid in droves. CBS Radio mentioned it Friday morning.

There is a shortage of good jobs and people need healthcare for themselves and their families.

Medicaid is a very poor healthcare service and many doctors won’t accept it.

All of these people now on the Medicaid rolls are on government healthcare and the numbers are growing. In addition, health insurance companies are under duress, smaller companies are folding. This can only lead to Single Payer unless Congress steps in but will they?

The Republicans have an opportunity here but what they are concentrating on are the non sequiturs like ‘firing Sebelius.’ Who cares, let her stay and suffer through it. She’d only leave with a fat pension anyway. It’s not important. What is important and what they need to talk about is the fact that Obamacare, not just the website, is systematically destroying our healthcare system.

It might not even be salvageable at this point – two of my doctors say it is not.  A lot of money and powerful special interests wrote the bill and they are driving this movement.

We have lost employer-based insurance and retirement healthcare benefits. Charitable hospitals are folding and there will be no place for charity patients to go except government healthcare and that is where we are headed.

When it comes to the government, there is no judicial recourse for their bad decisions, and there will not be enough money to help everyone – they will ration care. The government can’t even run a website, how do you think they will handle your care? The Army has only two brigades ready to fight and what is this government worried about? They’re worried about unisex hats for the Marines who don’t want them!

My records at my local hospital are being sent to Pakistan to be transferred to disks and stored.

When I went into the hospital for surgery, they asked about my diabetic pump. I don’t have a pump and I don’t have diabetes! It was in all my records that I had a pump.

My local doctors are trying to sell their practices because they see the handwriting on the wall. Some have mortgaged their homes to survive. They are not getting paid and they are getting paid very little by the government and the insurance companies, all because of Obamacare they say.

The local hospitals are placing all responsibility on the doctors and they are going to war with doctors. Doctors are now to bear the burden of all errors, including those of nurses.

The real issue is that Obamacare does not work for the American people. People should be frantically trying to save our healthcare system right now and they are not. They are talking about a website and Sebelius when the more important issue is that people are losing their healthcare and will be stuck on inferior government healthcare.

Obamacare is a redistribution of wealth which will provide everyone with bad healthcare, but don’t worry, we will all have ‘free birth control,’ even the senior citizens. Yay!

The half who can’t pay for this bloated healthcare will place a terrible burden on those who can. The unnecessary and inefficient government intermediaries will cost the system tremendous amounts of money that could be used to help people who need it. We will be paying for everyone’s everything, something that is totally unnecessary.

Listen to this video – it’s an excellent segment: