Knockout Attacks on the Rise in Liberal Areas


Knockout attacks in New York City, Brooklyn, New Jersey and Pennsylvania are increasing and it has police concerned. People are being sucker punched and knocked out cold.

Video of one such incident below shows a woman being suddenly kicked and then punched by a man. She was knocked out cold on the ground, but rather than help her several people took out phones to take pictures.

Nobody called the police. It was the second such attack that night.

Water in a knockout attack last week. They’re not all teens.

In another attack in Pittsburgh last month, a witness said about the victim, “As he went to tie up his dogs to confront these kids, the group distracted him from the front and then one came up behind him and hit him in the head,.”

The witness who asked not to be identified, said a group of teens leaving a Shake Shack in DUMBO singled out a 43-year-old man walking his dogs.

They tossed water and milkshakes at him before delivering a knockout punch to his jaw.

What happened next was sociopathic.

“One boy ran up and crouched down and posed for a photo next to the guy that was passed out and then the rest of the group just kind of ran off and scattered,” the man said.

Witnesses said the victim lay unconscious for some 45 minutes, but in this case bystanders did step in to help.

Another similar incident happened last month in Manhattan.

Police say it seems to be an ongoing contest or trend amongst these teens.

The knockout game is also known as “polarbearing”. All the victims are white and the perps are black.


  1. It is blacks hitting whites.

    this has been going on for at least 2 years, it is called polar bear or something because those blacks always target white people and polar bears are white.

    it is something blacks do, it is not common in any other demographic group.

  2. If the media were honest and covered this responsibly, fewer people would visit or move to the cities. These are democratic controlled and broke cities, they need the money. This is another left wing cover up.

  3. And this kind of savage behavior is not only accepted, it is encouraged, by the left wing lunatics. If any of these predators are ever caught, they are of course, described as “good boys” who wouldn’t hurt anyone. These attacks increased during the Obama era, because President Obama himself criticized our police and denounced anyone who called for prosecution of these hoodlums. Now we have a divided nation in which a race war is imminent. Thank you President Barack Obama.

    • A few years ago 6 blacks beat up a white guy an inch from his life, if memory serve they were then called the Cleveland 6 ,

      then Much Music invited the 6 violent black criminal on stage during their award show and treated them like heroes and said something about how harmless they looked…the gullible crowd cheered.

      I wanted to vomit

      how many people have been savagely beaten, raped or murdered by blacks because the media had them believe it is a myth that blacks are far more violent than any other demographic group?

      the media and the left have buckets of blood on their hands.

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