Kosilek Transgender Murder Case Just Got a Whole Lot Worse


Cheryl Kosilek, Brutally Murdered by Transgender Husband

Not only will transgender murderer, Robert, aka Michelle, Kosilek have reassignment surgery paid for by taxpayers, his legal fees will be covered by them as well.

Kosilek murdered his wife, Cheryl Kosilek; sued for reassignment surgery; and was recently granted “free” surgery by Judge Mark Wolf.

He also wrote a book that he put online in which he puts up a false defense for the murder. It’s as if he gets to murder her all over again. Cheryl Kosilek’s family is outraged.

Robert aka Michelle Kosilek, Getting Government Freebies After Murdering His Wife

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Background Story: Cheryl Kosilek came home one night in 1990 to find her husband Robert Kosilek dressed in her clothes. A fight ensued which ended when he garroted her, near to beheading. He then put her body in the trunk of her car and left it in a shopping mall.

He was convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison.

The story doesn’t end there. Robert Kosilek sued the state to provide him with transgender surgery because of his “identity crisis.”

If he has the surgery, which could cost taxpayers as much as $20,000, he will be housed with WOMEN.

U.S. District Judge Mark Wolf has ordered the surgery. Transgender groups see this as a great victory and appear to have little regard for the women he will be housed with in prison. Nor do they seem to have any regard for the family of the murder victim or for the taxpayers who will have to foot this bill.

Senator Scott Brown is trying to help the victim’s family fight this “outrageous use of taxpayer money.”

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The family’s online petition can be found here.

Read at Kosilek will be housed with women once surgery is completed.