Krauthammer Considers Obamacare’s Plan to Destroy Wealth in the US



Obamacare was economically planned to redistribute wealth using subsidies and by destroying the healthcare plans of the upper middle class. The Obamacare plan requires people of some means to pay for the people of lesser means and the only way you get them is to destroy the healthcare plans of the upper middle class.

The redistribution of wealth favored by Mr. Obama, and which is a glaring feature of Obamacare, is something that is done in banana republics. That is probably what Mr. Obama had planned for us all along.

In the video via the Daily Caller, Charles Krauthammer and Judge Napolitano explain how Obamacare is a mechanism to destroy wealth in this country.

Charles Krauthammer thinks redistribution of wealth might have been the  Obamacare plan from the beginning. Obamacare, he explains, is a way to transfer wealth from the upper middle class to the poor who aren’t eligible for Medicaid.

Wealth is moved around through the subsidies. If you earn a good income, you can’t have a subsidy and you must pay out for the subsidies for others. However, once you are within the government’s acceptable wage limit, you get a subsidy.

It’s an endless cycle of redistribution administered by the government.

In the end, the middle class will need subsidies and will have to vote for the Democrats who dole them out.