Weird Kurt Eichenwald Says Donald Trump Is Guilty of an Impeachable Offense


Newsweek’s senior writer and fake news disseminator Kurt Eichenwald is on his third rampage this week. His first began with his incoherent ramblings on the Tucker Carlson show, followed by 50 or so crazed tweets insulting Tucker, and then a barrage of insane tweets about a troll who sent him a strobe picture knowing he has epilepsy. He’s vowed to get that last guy. He is now back to ripping apart Donald Trump and is accusing him of an impeachable offense. Someone needs to tell Kurt that Trump isn’t in office.

Elizabeth Warren is preparing a bill that sets Trump up for impeachment if his holdings are not put into a blind trust. Eichenwald has taken it a step further and is saying that Trump has committed an impeachable offense in his dealings with him. Mind you, Eichenwald had no problem with Hillary getting donations from Saudi Arabia and Qatar after selling them arms, knowing how they treat women and gays.

Eichenwald was on the Joy Ann Reid show and she set up the attack on Trump, saying, “…Elizabeth Warren was tweeting, Americans need to know. The only way to eliminate conflicts of interest is to put them in a blind trust and she is planning a bill to force the emoluments clause. This is not just a problem of Trump’s domestic properties, he has this problem around the world.”

If we are to listen to Eichenwald and Warren, a businessman would never be allowed to become president.

Eichenwald blurted out his bald-faced exaggerations:

“Yeah well, what you have right now is a situation where foreign governments are already lining up to take advantage of Trump’s conflicts of interest.

In fact, I did a story on Tuesday. Trump’s conflicts of interest. In fact, I did a story on Tuesday. They found out the details of what I was writing and all of the conflicts and then they cancelled their discussion.

And there’s a reason for that. I want to take just one example, which is in the Philippines.

The Philippines appointed Trump’s business partner as the government — as the president’s special representative to the United States. He is now a government official. He is simultaneously, because they have a building in the Philippines, cutting checks for multimillions of dollars to the Trump family.

So stop and think about that. A government official is paying the Trump family millions of dollars.

The president of the Philippines, Duterte, is engaged in a slaughter. There is no other word for it, of drug addicts in the Philippines. Over 4,000 people, I believe, have been killed and it’s gotten universal condemnation.

But in a phone call with Donald Trump, Donald Trump says, I like what you’re doing in dealing with your drug problem. Which [Rodrigo] Duterte has taken as a green light for his extra judicial killings. So what you have is a government that is paying millions of dollars to the Trump family that is having people killed by death squads, and getting Donald Trump saying, that’s great. You know, this is beyond doubling. This is obscene and potentially an impeachable offense.”

This is a writer who has been trying to destroy Trump for the past year with his ‘exposés’. The conflicts of interest story has been running simultaneously with the Russian hacking story in an attempt to diminish Trump who has promised to deal with his conflicts by January 5th. His lawyers are working on it.

It’s a little soon to accuse Trump of aiding and abetting a mass murderer, making him eligible for impeachment, but not for Eichenwald.

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