Lacking Meaningful Policies, Obama Advisors Talk Imprisonment, Obituaries


Democrats had fifty years to come up with a revision to the tax legislation and haven’t. The last time any Democrat cut taxes was in the early 1960s under President John F. Kennedy. They don’t believe in cutting taxes, they believe in wealth redistribution. They think your money is their money. You work for them, not the other way around.

Obama advisors went a bit too far bashing the President and his team as a means of distracting from their success.

The fact that this tax reform legislation passed in record time has Democrats angry. Not one Democrat voted for it and if it works they will lose their main talking point. Republicans will run on it.

What they will do is concentrate on ad hominem attacks like the ones we have heard this week.

The Obama advisors were on Twitter insulting the Trump team because they don’t have anything meaningful to say.

Former Obama advisor Dan Pfeiffer, who came up with the “pen and phone” mantra for the Obama dictatorship, tweeted this Thursday:

“I hope this is the photo they use on the front page of the Times on the day Trump is indicted.”

The unfunny Ben Rhodes, a White House SPOX famous for bragging about lying to get the Iran deal done, tweeted about obits for Ryan, McConnell and Pence:

Rep. Steven Scalise who was seriously wounded months ago by a raging Bernie Sanders supporter/protester, tweeted his response.

This response works too.


  1. An opinion in the Washington Examiner actually had the audacity to suggest the companies that came out with increased business proposals and raises for individuals were engaging in “bribery”. By the logic of that article we can say that no matter what Government does it is ALL tied to bribery. THIS is the latest example of deranged thinking, “tax cuts are bribery”. Wow.

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