Last Words of Slaughtered American Journalist James Foley


War photographer James Foley, 45, was beheaded by Islamic State militants two years ago and we are now getting new information about his last moments from an Islamic State captive.

British journalist and Islamic State captive, John Cantile, has written an article, undoubtedly under coercion, about the last moments of James Foley’s life and his last words.

John Cantlie, a British journalist in IS captivity, is being used by them for propaganda purposes, He recently wrote an the article, describing the day:

We’d all had our heads shaved early that morning and it was clear something was up.

‘It’s just a video, be good for all of us,’ said James. ‘No,’ I [Cantile] replied. ‘This isn’t just a video.’

Cantlie’s piece in their terror magazine Dabiq, titled “The Blood of Shame” bashes the American and British governments for not negotiating for the release of Foley, and the other slaughtered journalists, Steven Sotloff, David Haines and Alan Henning.

Foley’s final words, according to Cantile, were uttered minutes before his gruesome execution on Aug. 19, 2014: “Great, captured on Thanksgiving Day, killed on my Mom’s birthday.”

James Foley's parents
James Foley’s parents

We also know from various reports that he was beaten regularly.

President Barack Obama called Foley’s murder, which the terror group filmed, “an act of violence that shocks the conscience of the entire world.”

It wasn’t an act of violence, it was a terror attack by radical Islamic terrorists. Within minutes of his speech condemning this “act of violence”, Mr. Obama was teeing off.


The administration is said to have known the location of the hostages but waited too long to rescue them.

Obama Delayed Foley Rescue Until It Was Too Late

Obama Delayed Foley Rescue Until It Was Too Late

Obama Delayed Foley Rescue Until It Was Too Late