Doctors, Beware


Yes CT Scans contain small amounts of radiation and, yes, we certainly need to be mindful of that when having X-Rays and Scans. However, their use is primarily increasing, not because doctors order them willy nilly as Newsday would have us believe. Scans have improved greatly over the years and are an important tool for doctors. They provide vital information before more potentially harmful treatments and surgeries are to be used.

Newsday had an article today which subtly demonizes doctors for the over-use of scans/X-Rays. It also sets about increasing the fear factor in us, because, ya know, they are going to be too costly under Obamacare when we are all paying for everyone to get “free” healthcare.

The LA Times and various health forums are touting the same line. What better time to frighten people away from the costly tests than now when Japan has suffered a nuclear disaster? The article includes a list of trite questions to ask your doctor, assuming you are all stupid (and your doctor is stupid) of course.

Newsday Inciting Fear