Latest Common Core Outrage – You Won’t Believe This One!


Writer Rosalie Hanson contributed to this story

Wait until you hear this one! If you want to know what kind of instruction we can expect from Common Core once it is fully integrated and has nationalized our curricula under the thumb of the federal government, this next story will give you a good idea.

The Examiner posted the story yesterday. Twitchy and Digital Journal had the story first.

A mother in Bryant School District in Arkansas was surprised to learn that her 6th grade daughter was given a team assignment to rewrite the Bill of Rights, eliminating two Amendments and adding two new ones.

The assignment began with the assumption that the Bill of Rights was outdated and needed to be revised. It allowed for a committee of ‘experts’ to do the revision though of course this is not how the Constitution is amended.

The children – the ‘Constitutional experts’ – were to ensure that ‘the pursuit of happiness remains guarded in the 21st century,’ despite the fact that the phrase only exists in the Declaration of Independence and not the Constitution.

As an aside, that coincides with Justice Ginsberg’s beliefs that the Constitution is old and needs to be revised to look like the South African Constitution or something similar. The South African Constitution does NOT have a 1st Amendment likes ours. Their freedom of speech is limited by the feelings of others. They also do NOT have a Second Amendment.

It also jives with the Progressive’s long-unrealized dream of rewriting the Constitution to reflect a Socialist view of the world. Read the Progressive Bill of Rights and the UN Bill of Rights. This is where we are headed – towards a Socialist welfare state with a Socialist Bill of Rights to lead us FORWARD.


Ironical morphed photo of the White House flying the UN flag in lieu of the US flag

You need to know that statists are very patient. They are willing to wait for a re-educated generation of youth to go through their propagandized schools and come out as Socialists.

Getting back to the Common Core project. The ‘experts’ had NO training in civics or government. This was brainwashing, pure and simple. The child’s mother said her daughter had no idea what was going on and had not heard the word ‘amended’ used in the classroom so far as she knew.

The child was given NO information as to how the Constitution is amended.

This is a dumbing-down and brainwashing at the same time.