Latest Obamacare Horrors Including Putting Insurers on the Honor System


Mr. Obama violated the constitution – the law of the land – when he altered the Obamacare law. There was a hearing yesterday before Congress with speakers of all persuasions including left-leaning lawyer Jonathan Turley who say that is the case. There is a strong belief that Mr. Obama is violating the law of the land and it needs to be stopped. The violations of the Obamacare law are only the latest in a series of violations of the constitution.

Mr. Obama will not negotiate, he is a campaigner. When he is required under constitutional law to go back to Congress, in recognition of the Separation of Powers, he does not. Instead, he simply changes the law himself.

He is being called the UberPresident, even by some on the left.

Listen to these brief clips from the hearing:

The constitutional violations aside, the Obamacare issue is not only about website problems, which are monumental.

Worse than that is the problem of tens of millions who will lose their health insurance. There are almost 6 million now who have lost their insurance and a good 50 million more who are about to lose their health insurance.

The real issue is the bill is a very poorly written bill. That may be part of Mr. Obama’s plan or not but it doesn’t change the reality that this is not working.

Getting back to the website, the security issues are worse since the government ‘repaired’ it. About a third of those who think they are enrolled are not. It has no payment mechanism built into it.

Mr. Obama has decided that the solution for this is to take our tax money and give the insurance companies subsides based on their best guess of what they are owed. The insurance companies he has demonized will be on the honor system. They won’t even be able to do it easily because it will take time and a good deal of accounting and paperwork to make it happen. They never expected that they would have to do what the government was supposed to do.

There will be fraud, mistakes and it is unacceptable. Obama’s people said that if they overpay insurers, they will ‘true up’ later. What is this? A crime syndicate?

Mr. Obama gives frequent speeches with Obamacare success stories. Not one of those success stories were of people who are actually enrolled when they have been investigated in the past (Byron York). Yesterday, as Mr. York mentioned, Mr. Obama did not give out the names of his 19 success stories or how they benefitted.

Listen to this recap on the issue:

Many democrats lied to us – unabashedly. In 2010, when they had the opportunity to pass a law mandating that people be allowed to keep their insurance, they refused to do it.

Listen to their false promises made after they refused to pass the law:

Instead of fixing the Obamacare problem with Congress, Mr. Obama has gone back to selling it under false pretenses, claiming Republicans don’t have a plan. All you have to do is google ‘Republican healthcare plan’ and you will get millions of results, many with very viable plans such as McCain’s healthcare accounts, tort reform, selling across state lines and so on.

Mr. Obama is on a 20-day PR blitz to talk Americans into buying insurance that is too expensive, from a website that doesn’t work and isn’t secure, from insurers who aren’t getting client information accurately so they can use the few doctors on the exchanges who might not get paid and who can help them for free.

Organizing for Action, Obama’s replacement for his Democratic members of Congress, is now trying to sell it with the ridiculous slogan, ‘apply, shop, buy’. Even if you could ‘apply’, shouldn’t ‘shop’ come first?

apply shop buy via greta

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Go to CNS News for a quick peek at some of the other slogans that are supposed to convince us to buy. Here are a few of them:

“The Response has Been Overwhelming from People Looking to Save”
“And the number of people who have visited the site has been overwhelming, which has aggravated some of these underlying problems.”

“It’s a One-Stop Shop Where You Can Find the Plan that’s Right for You”

“Operators are Standing by to Help You Now”

“Buy Now, Pay Later (No Payment Due ‘Till December 15)”

Mr. Obama wrote a ‘risk corridor’ provision into the Obamacare law which allows him to freely take $1.075 trillion and bail out insurance companies. Do we really want to trust him with another trillion dollars? He’s throwing good money after bad without even flinching. Read about that here.

Is this a joke? A nightmare? What?