Lawless President Might Circumvent the Supreme Court


President Obama circumvents Congress with EO’s, rule making, and agency overreaching. He might now be considering doing the same with the Supreme Court. The prize could be the 2012 election. I hope it will not happen before the election, but I have no doubt it will if he is re-elected when he is more flexible.

President Obama has been urged by his supporters to issue an Executive Order requiring any company with a government contract to reveal their donors list. This is in direct violation of the recent SCOTUS decision supporting free speech for corporations and unions.

It is something that will work well with his philosophy as we can see in his Truth Team’s modus operandi.

Obama’s Truth Team has three sites. One site is called, Keeping the GOP Honest, which recently revealed the names of Romney donors with accompanying character assassinations of each donor. Obama wants to intimidate big donors from giving to Romney’s campaign.

According to Meghan Kelly of America Live on Tuesday, word is leaking out that Obama has an Executive Order ready to go which mimics one he reportedly considered in 2011. It would require all entities submitting a bid for a federal contract to disclose all contributions made by the entity and its top officers to candidates, political parties, political committees, nonprofits and trade groups making independent expenditures.

Congress attempted to pass the Disclose Act which essentially did the same thing and worse but it’s been shelved in the face of Republican opposition.

Time will tell but if this EO does indeed happen before the election, it will be the biggest ploy yet to steal the election.

Unions spend hundreds of millions of dollars on Obama’s campaign without risk because there are no repercussions if they give to Democrats which is what they mainly do. Meanwhile corporations will be scared off from donating to Romney’s campaign because it could damage or destroy their business. At least that would be Obama’s hope.

Fossil fuel companies might not be scared off, however, since another four years of Obama might mean the demise of many of them.

Many states have laws that oppose the Supreme Court decision and others want to pass them. President Obama is not alone in his views, however, as President, he has sworn to uphold the law of the land and not find ways to continuously circumvent it.