Laws in Amerika Don’t Apply to Rep. John Conyers



One of the longest-serving Democrats in Congress, Rep. John Conyers, did not make the primary ballot because of problems with his nominating petitions which made him ineligible to be on the ballot. A federal judge in Michigan didn’t care about the rules and put him on the ballot anyway.

Detroit federal judge, Matthew Leitman, ordered Conyers’ name be placed on the ballot.

Conyers needed 1,000 petition signatures to get a spot in the Democratic primary. But many petitions were thrown out because the people who gathered names weren’t registered voters or listed a wrong registration address. That left him more than 400 short.

We have these laws for a reason. It should not be up to these liberal judges to legislate from the bench but that is what this judge did.

Leitman sided with the ACLU and agreed that the free speech rights of Conyers and the circulators were harmed – an absurd claim.

Conyers, 85, told WXYZ-TV,”I’m trying not to smile openly much but this is very good news, and it’s also good news for the process.”

It’s good news for the process to violate the law at will?

Conyers followed the law for decades,why is it suddenly too difficult or a violation of his free speech rights?

Killing Conyers’ career in such a way would be “pretty outrageous,” his lawyer, John Pirich, said this week.

But an attorney for a Democratic challenger, the Rev. Horace Sheffield III, said Conyers for decades had no problem following the law.

“In essence, they played the game, lost and then complained that the rules were unfair,” Eric Doster said, quoting a Virginia judge.

Conyers has spent 50 years in Congress and is the second most-senior member of the House, only to Rep. John Dingell, D-Mich., who is already retiring.

 h/t Rosalie Hanson