Lawsuit to Stop Common Core


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The Thomas More Law Center, a national public interest law firm based in Ann Arbor, MI, late last week, filed a lawsuit against West Virginia Governor Earl Tomblin and several state officials to stop the state’s implementation of Common Core and its participation in the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (“SBAC”).

The basis for the lawsuit is that it violates the US Constitution and federal and state laws that prohibit the federal government from usurping control over public school education.

The Common Core proponents and those on the left in general want us to believe that the Standards will not nationalize education but the tests based on the Standards and the curricula material being developed, all of which will be governed by the iron hand of the national Department of Education, will of course result in nationalized education in all public schools throughout the nation.

This lawsuit was filed on behalf of two West Virginia taxpayers who are anti-Core activists.

The lawsuit seeks to stop West Virginia’s payment of membership fees of over $1.5 million per year on the grounds that SBAC, to which West Virginia is a member, is an unconstitutional compact because it was never approved by Congress. The Compact Clause of the United States Constitution provides that “[n]o state shall, without the consent of Congress . . . enter into any agreement or compact with another state.”

West Virginia’s SBAC membership agreement forces West Virginia schools to align their curriculum with Common Core.

Common Core takes education out of local control and undermines the right of parents to control the education of their child.

DC wants a bureaucracy to control the education of children.

The Thomas More Center has developed a test refusal policy and form to use as a reference and guide because children who have followed their parents’ wishes and sat out tests were given unbelievable punishments such as having their honors taken from them, they have been removed from athletic participation, and they’ve been forced to “sit and stare” for hours in their seat as the test is given.



  1. I get testing the kids when they are transitioning from one school to the other, but this is absolutely ridiculous and completely unfair. Children are individuals, they learn in their own way and to steal the option from the parents, teachers and local school districts is a true injustice to all involved. I am sick of the a society that is so incapable of taking responsibility crying and demanding the federal government step in, in essence handing over all of our rights way. WE the PEOPLE are the bosses to our elected officials, not the other way around. The elected officials were bought by a private company for a contract to control our children. I dread the upcoming years for my daughter if common core is not eliminated, NOT RENAMED, but eliminated. Let our teachers get back to teaching. For god sake parents get involved. I grew up in a single parent home, where my mother worked two jobs to support us but SHE always knew what I was doing in school. good and bad. Man up Parents and start parenting your children, you should not be their friends until they are older.

    • U hit the nail right on the head! I completely agree with u 100%. I think Common Core is the WORST but should be an alternative for those students that WANT to learn a different way. My offsprings learn better the same way we all grew up but if u happen to have a child that is bored in class and needs to be challenged more, C.C. might be a subject to really get their brain motors working, but its definitely NOT for everyone and parents should have the right to choose and make that decision .

    • Well said! You hit the nail on the head. Parents and teachers… not politicians, liberals and media need to be in charge of our kids education.

  2. Alaska voted common core out of our state but they are teaching it anyways. How can we get our schools back? How is it that we can say no and they can say yes? Can someone please help us fight this???!!!

  3. Common core is, by far, the most UN-educational mandate in the past century. It will absolutely destroy our children and their children if we don’t stop it NOW.

  4. Amen! Down with this LIBERAL AND UNGODLY common core crap! We need this to NEVER be taught to our children. This method is to maker our children feel inferior and stupid.
    Bring back the proper math that we were taught growing up.

    • Common core is another way to waste teaching time and leave students confused and frustrated. Get back to the basics. It makes sense and that is the math we use day to day. Who was the dumbass that created this anyway.? Someone who doesn’t know what it’s like to teach !

  5. “…those on the left in general want us to believe…”

    S. Noble wants us to believe that mainstream Democrats invested in the political machine backing CC are somehow “on the left.” News flash! Real leftists OPPOSE Common Core and Democrats, as well as Republicans are reactionaries. There is no left in mainstream US politics.

    • You’re right, Common Core is bipartisan and many on the left hate it also, often for different reasons., but it’s only people on the left saying it won’t nationalize education. Even educators I admire, if they are on the left, they will say it’s ridiculous to think it will nationalize it, but they’re wrong.

      There is a left in US politics and they’re seen on college campuses, they’re in the Progressive Caucus and the CBC and elsewhere.

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