Lawyers Might Be Exploiting the Colorado Massacre


The Colorado massacre is about to sink into a quagmire of lawsuits against the innocent theatre owners, Warner Brothers and Holmes’ doctors. If people can sue Warner Brothers and the cinema, they can sue anybody.

One young man has initiated the first lawsuit against all three after suffering extreme trauma from watching his friend AJ Boik shot to death. [Daily Mail]

What the young man went through is something no one should ever have to go through. I don’t doubt for a minute that he is suffering from extreme stress from an unforgettable and horrific event. However, I don’t understand putting the blame on the cinema or Warner Brothers.

Do we now have to see armed guards in the theatre? How is the theatre supposed to protect against something like this? Tickets will end up costing $30 each to pay for the security guards, who won’t, in the end, stop someone hellbent on committing a heinous crime.

And why sue Warner Brothers? What did they do to deserve lawsuits? I can’t answer for suing Holmes’ doctors but I doubt they could have foreseen this circumstance.

Doctors have zero ability to commit someone they think is dangerous thanks to the ACLU. Maybe we should look to making it easier to commit individuals perceived as dangerous instead of blaming doctors we have made impotent?

Did some ambulance chasing lawyer contact this young man? Apparently more lawsuits are on the way. They should all be thrown out of court.