Left-Wing Host Says We Can Reduce Crime by Making This Crime Legal



Left-wing radio host and Fox News contributor Alan Colmes has a unique way of looking at crime. We wouldn’t have so much of it if we made things legal. He was discussing drugs when his theory came to the fore on the O’Reilly show Friday night, but he doesn’t just want Marijuana legal, he wants all drugs to be legal. That means heroine, cocaine, LSD, whatever else can corrupt the children. He said that legalizing all drugs would reduce crime.

Think of how few crimes there would be. The gangbangers could legally sell drugs, drug cartels could run legal operations. They certainly aren’t going to stop. In fact, why stop there, if we make robbery legal, that too would reduce crime and how about legalizing murder?

When Marijuana became legal in several states, Marijuana growers went to harder drugs. If we make hard drugs legal, the criminals won’t go away. They will simply make worse drugs and raise the prices. Drugs are addictive and that’s the hook criminals will always have.

In my quiet little suburban area, there are 20 drug overdoses a day in just one of my local hospitals. We are in the middle of a drug epidemic.

And at the same time, they’re trying to take our guns away!

If the war on drugs didn’t work, how about legal hard drugs for all? One extreme to the other? Drugs are not a victimless crime. As an educator, I can tell you they are not.

This isn’t about race as the left would have us believe, this is about hard drugs being made available to all.

“Drugs should not be illegal,” said Colmes, a far-left kind of guy. “We’re going in a different direction…we’ve seen the legalization of Marijuana, the legalization of other drugs. That’s a better policy.” He thinks that all the criminals won’t cost us anything if they are no longer criminals and the money can be used for rehabilitation.

Then Colmes said, “By legalizing harder drugs, you’re getting rid of, you’re reducing crime. That’s an even got a better benefit out of it.”

That’s why I say we should legalize wife beating too. Let’s make that legal and spend the money on more welfare.

Eric Bolling, a Libertarian, did say we should make rehab for users more robust and not imprison them, which most people would agree with. O’Reilly talked about taking the users off the street, putting them in rehab, and reducing the market in that way.

Unfortunately, as Bill O said, some won’t want to be rehabbed, but rehab should be a major goal for those who want it. In the meantime, let’s lock up the dealers of hard drugs. There’s little doubt that Colmes and Obama are simpatico on this issue.






  1. Criminals sell drugs because it’s illegal for legitimate businesses to do so. If regulated, legitimate businesses were allowed to sell them the criminals would be out of business, just as the crime gangs were put out of the liquor business when Prohibition ended. Crime and violence flourish because of the illegality, not the demand for drugs. If users didn’t have to fear the criminality of possession, they might be more likely to seek help. They wouldn’t be exposed to dangerous drugs mixed with poisons that now kill many users.

    Alan Colmes, for all his dopey political views, is right on this one.

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