Left-Wing Media Hacks Try to Get Ken Starr to Say Trump Is Guilty of Obstruction


Watch George Stephanopoulos tried to get former Independent Counsel Ken Starr to say Trump is guilty of obstruction of justice. Starr doesn’t buy in to the narrative. Stephanopoulos pushed Starr to sa Comey wouldn’t lie.

Stephanopoulos asked him if Trump had violated the emoluments clause and Starr gave a non-answer.

People seem to respect Bob Mueller, including Ken Starr. Hopefully, Mueller will be but it’s hard to accept a Special Counsel who is a friend to James Comey.

CNN hack Alisyn Camerota tried the same tactic. These media hacks manipulate the news instead of reporting it.


  1. It is so hard to stomach the left wing TV stations and people like George Steph……., ,Wolfee Blitz
    and Rachel Madcow who pretend to be objective news persons, sickening absolutely sickening

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