Left-Wing Violence and the Media That Ignores It



Communist Manifesto, literature for liberals


There has never been a more unfairly maligned group of people than the Tea Party. They have been successfully demonized based on hot air alone. The Tea Party wants limited government and a free market. From what I’ve seen they are neither racist nor violent.  They are continuously blamed for shooting massacres and any shootings despite the fact that the evidence has shown liberal-statists are more the culprits.

The media doesn’t care about credibility any longer and they jump the gun and point to the right-wing for every violent crime when they are in fact mostly committed by people who are spurred on by leftist ideology.


The Denver Shooting

The Denver shooter was a socialist or communist depending on which kid you listen to:

Pierson had strong leftist political views. The Denver Post wrote, ”Thomas Conrad, who had an economics class with the gunman, described him as a very opinionated Socialist.” It was slyly edited out after it was posted, according to bearing arms.

How George Orwell of them.

“He was friendly enough. Very proud of being a socialist. He was very outspoken on his political views,” student Angie Mock said. “To him, it just meant economic — more economic equality.”

He also described himself as a Keynesian and was opposed to the free market. His ideas were ‘outside the mainstream,’ according to interviews held by the Denver Post.

The Denver Post reported that Pierson mocked Republicans on a Facebook post, writing “you republicans are so cute” and posting an image that reads: “The Republican Party: Health Care: Let ‘em Die, Climate Change: Let ‘em Die, Gun Violence: Let ‘em Die, Women’s Rights: Let ‘em Die, More War: Let ‘em Die. Is this really the side you want to be on?”

Senior Chris Davis, 18, was one of the students who knew the shooter. ”He was a weird kid,” Davis said. “He’s a self-proclaimed communist, just wears Soviet shirts all the time.”

He was easily aggravated, “always liked to be right” and didn’t like losing, Davis said. ”It seems realistic, now, that he did it,” Davis added.


JFK’s Assassination

The Washington Post brought back JFK to claim that the Tea Party types were responsible for the atmosphere that caused Kennedy’s death. The author did so without mentioning the murderer’s name. Lee Harvey Oswald was, of course, a communist.


The Boston Bombing

Before the suspects turned out to be Muslim terrorists, the media made the connection between Patriot’s Day and the bombing, leading the media to speculate that a right-wing group was very likely the culprit.

After the suspects were discovered, the NY Times went on a writing blitz explaining as to how America let the elder Tsarnaev down. Rolling Stone put the younger Tsarnaev on their cover looking like a hero. Now they are claiming they were mentally ill and heard voices so they can get the younger one a lighter sentence.


Aurora, Colorado Theater Shooting

James Holmes was responsible for the Aurora theater massacre but the Tea Party was originally blamed. Even after it was known that he was reading communist literature, Slate blamed the Tea Party for the atmosphere that caused him to behave as he did. Liberals and Giffords own father blamed the Tea Party.

ABC News attempted to blame the Tea Party. Brian Ross and George Stephanopoulos blamed an innocent man with the same name who was a member of the Colorado Tea Party.  There is evidence that Holmes was a member of the violent Black Bloc wing of the Occupy Wall Streeters.


The Gabby Giffords Shooting in Arizona

Jared Lee Loughner shot and killed six people and wounded 12 others. His favorite books were Mein Kampf and the Communist Manifesto.


Panama City, Florida School Board Shooting

Clay Duke, anarchist and lover of liberal and socialist causes, was responsible for the shooting. His far-left views gave him purpose.  He was a big media matters fan. Media Matters masquerades as a monitor of misinformation being spread in the media as they spread leftist propaganda themselves. Glenn Beck linked the shooter to the loons at Media Matters. The mainstream media did not of course.


Times Square Bombing

U.S. citizen Faisal Shahzad was arrested for the Times Square bombing attempt. Mayor Michael Bloomberg, champion of the Occupiers who hope to take down the government, appeared on Katie Couric’s show and wondered if it wasn’t someone with a political agenda who doesn’t like Obamacare.


Family Research Council Shooting

Floyd Corkins II was a liberal and was a volunteer at the community center for LGBT’s.  He went into a Family Research Council meeting to shoot and kill attendees but was stopped by a security guard. He was opposed to their positions on social issues. He was sentenced to 25 years in prison. He drew inspiration from a “hate map” on the website for the liberal (communist really) Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). The three major networks completely ignored the incident.


Navy Yard Shooting

Aaron Alexis was a Democrat, happy with Obama.

When Mr. Obama spoke about the shooting, he lamented yet another mass shooting and spoke of the need for gun laws to stop it. Alexis was at the Navy Yard with full security clearance. The media also ignored the incident of favor of promoting gun laws.

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