Weren’t the Murdered People the Ones Who Were Stigmatized?



The leftist apologists for RADICAL Islam are doing what they did after 9/11. They are turning the San Bernardino attack on Americans into a bias attack against Muslims. It’s getting a bit sickening hearing about how Muslims are afraid they will be prejudiced against without any evidence that will be the case when the crime was against non-Muslims. Weren’t the victims of the San Bernardino the ones who were stigmatized and biased against? What did they do except be who they were?

Some believe otherwise it appears.

The left cleverly turns the tables. What did Loretta Lynch say? That she is most concerned about bigotry against Muslims? It’s her number one concern? Of course it’s a concern, but hardly number one.

Before you read this, you should know that terror wife Tashfeen Malik is being linked to an infamous mosque in Pakistan connected to terrorism and whose imam has pledged allegiance to ISIS, according to reports from Britain’s Daily Mail.

If there is anything that breeds bigotry, it’s false claims of bigotry and lies about it not being radical Islamic terror. Making a terror attack about the weapon instead of the intent is also as insane as it gets.

Hannibal was mad, Caesar was mad, and Napoleon surely was the maddest of them all until these people came along.

Professor Jonathan Metzl doesn’t think terrorism is an ideology different from that of any other mass shooter. Don’t blame Islam, blame society stigmatization and biases. He brought up Charleston as if that shooter was anywhere near sane.

The terror attack wasn’t driven by terrorism?

“I think it’s a mistake because we even heard it in some of the statements before, is this shooting was driven by ideology, therefore, it must be driven by terrorism. I think it’s important to remember that many mass shootings are driven by ideology. That distinction is a weak one in a way. Look at the Charleston shooting. How could you possibly think that wasn’t driven by some kind of ideology. In that sense, I think there’s a bigger question about our society and really I think we’re starting to ask that now. I think this is an important conversation we’re having. Which is what are the frames we put around these issues and how are they linked to broader society stigmatization and biases in a way that helps address some of these issues.”


Melissa Harris-Perry, MSNBC communist, brought up Charleston also because it was a white madman who attacked innocent black people. She also blamed police and said they kill more people than terrorists.

Somehow I don’t think I have to worry about police sawing my head off.

MELISSA HARRIS-PERRY: “I feel like we do know. I think that’s part of it. That this moment, the San Bernardino moment, connects us and makes us think, okay, now we are personally under attack by this thing that is ISIS.”

“You know, Dylann roof, Charleston church, nine people killed. Transwomen killed in 2015, likely as a result of their identities, 22 of them. The number of shooting victims in Chicago this year, although not all of them tied, 2,000. The number of those killed in a Tim Pell in Wisconsin, six people.”

“Need I point out the police in this country have shot and killed more than 1,000 people. And we don’t think we should go to war with any of those people.”

The resident Muslim guest said it’s about guns and we are all ignoring that, after all, it’s not like it’s a regular occurrence.

That’s right Linda and that’s why Americans are concerned. Under Obama, it will become a regular occurrence if something doesn’t change and soon.

LINDA SARSOUR: “I just want to — Melissa, you know, terrorism or acts of terrorism or even ISIS sympathizers. It’s not an epidemic in the Muslim community. The fact we’re sitting here and making it sound like an every day occurrence. We are 7 to 10 million muslims in this country. The fact we have, again, distracted from the issue.”

“These two people or three bought legal weapons. Either they bought them or someone else bought them. They’re buying tactical weapons. No one thinks that’s the problem here. How did these people, and this idea of, like, countering violent extremism in this country continues to be directed exactly at muslims as if there’s no other community in this country that engages in extremism. We’ve seen study after study that more people have been killed by white supremacist groups than by ‘jihadi’s or whatever they want to call them.”


The next person is a Muslim law professor who repeatedly told Jose Diaz-Balart that the terror attack was a “crime.” She’s angry that Muslims have to continually apologize for acts by people who have nothing to do with Islam.

She said terrorism is a crime and a political act. We don’t know what their motives are! she claimed. Then she claimed it was another mass shooting. We don’t know if this is politically motivated, she said. She also claimed no terrorist group took credit but ISIS did indeed take credit.


In the next video, she complains of anti-Muslim bias, completely turning the tables on reality. The bias was by the terrorists against infidels.


Remember who the victims are and pray for them and their families if you pray.