Leftist Harvard Prof Says 20 Electors Might Switch Their Votes


Larry Lessig, a Harvard University who is out to steal the election and once tried to run himself, says that he has a possible 20 electors who will switch their votes Politico reported.

That’s a definite maybe.

That would put the Clintonistas halfway to their goal.

Lessig’s leftist group is offering free legal advice to the electors.

They are directly threatening democracy as Hillary and Obama said once.

“Obviously, whether an elector ultimately votes his or her conscience will depend in part upon whether there are enough doing the same. We now believe there are more than half the number needed to change the result seriously considering making that vote,” Lessig said.

The RNC only found one Republican elector who bolted and that’s a Never Trumper named Chris Suprun who appears to be a cheat with a  sordid history.

There was no evidence provided and he didn’t give any further information. All we know is they are “threatening our democracy”.