Leftist in Congress Proposes Draconian Gun Control Law

Nydia Velazquez
Nydia Velazquez

Nydia Velazquez (D-NY) has proposed the “Reducing Gun Violence in Our Neighborhoods Act” under the false premise it will reduce the number of stolen guns and gun violence. She, like most of the Democrats, just wants our guns.

She wants a $100 tax on every gun sold; a national database of missing and stolen guns; a 48-hour reporting deadline for missing or stolen guns or a $10,000 penalty; and she wants them chipped so every gun can be identified with a reading device – there’s a fine for not doing that also.

“Gun violence is a plague on our city that shatters lives and tears families apart,” Velázquez said. “This bill will take meaningful steps to address the issue, reducing the flow of guns on the street, empowering law enforcement to better track missing weapons, while investing in community anti-violence programs.”

Velazquez’s proposal would assess a $100 federal tax on the sale of all new firearms. Revenue generated from the tax would go to the Department of Justice for safety and mental health improvement grants.

“If making guns more expensive means fewer end up in commerce, I’m happy with that result,” Velázquez said. “However, if guns are going to be sold, then those purchasing and selling them should pay for programs that can reduce the incidence of gun violence in our local communities.”

The “Reducing Gun Violence in Our Neighborhoods Act” would harden the reporting requirements related to lost or stolen guns and establish a national database of missing weapons. It would also require all gun owners to report any stolen weapons within 48 hours or face a $10,000 penalty.

The legislation also seeks to establish a “passive identification capability” into all firearms sold in the U.S., allowing all firearms to be identified by a mobile or fixed reading device. People who sell guns without this ID system would face penalties of up to $1,000 per gun.

Born in Puerto Rico in 1953, Velazquez received an MA at New York University. She won election in a heavily gerrymandered district linking together Hispanic neighborhoods in Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan’s lower East Side.

She has suffered from clinical depression and tried to commit suicide so I can only assume that she plans to ban herself from owning a gun.

She is supported by the Democratic Socialists of America.

At the Rainbow Coalition Leadership Summit on February 19, 1993, Velázquez delivered a speech that paid tribute to the late Communist Party USA member Jesus Colon, author of the 1982 book A Puerto Rican in New York.

In October 1995 at Harlem’s Abyssinian Baptist Church, Velazquez attended a standing-room-only gathering to give a hero’s welcome to Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, who was visiting New York. 

She became a member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus. In 1999 she joined fellow Democrat Representatives Luis Gutierrez, Jose Serrano, and Ron Dellums, as well as former New York City Mayor David Dinkins, in exhorting President Bill Clinton and Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder to grant clemency to 16 incarcerated FALN terrorists — Puerto Rican Marxist-Leninists whom Velazquez and her cohorts characterized as “political prisoners.”

Clinton did give them clemency but on the condition they renounced violence. Velazquez harshly criticized Clinton for not making it unconditional.

Her voting record is here.


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