Wimps at ‘Mother Jones’ Are Afraid Bill O’Reilly Is Going to Kill Them – Updates


Mother Soros


Updates at the end. The battle continues and now an extremely far-left crazy site has the attention they want. The NY Times is involved.

Mother Jones is a Soros-funded  leftist online publication which tries to destroy all right-leaning viewpoints and Fox News. They are the Joe McCarthyists of today. David Corn is their Joseph Goebbels propagandist.

Their entire crew at Mother Jones, along with CNN, tried to make Bill O’Reilly into a Brian Williams style liar. They failed because it wasn’t true but that didn’t stop CNN from trying to make it true.


Bill O’Reilly spoke to TV Newser about the Mother Jones attack which was also pushed by CNN and this is how the interview went:

TVNewser: The report says that you didn’t mention the Falklands in your book, The No Spin Zone. Do you have any comment on that?

O’Reilly: I laid this out in a book called, Those Who Trespass. That was the first book that I wrote. Soup to nuts, what happened in Buenos Aires during the Falklands war. My pieces ran on CBS News. I was praised for them. I mean, this is ridiculous. Everything I said is verifiable. The video that I got led the Dan Rather program that night. This is insane. I never said I was on the Falkland Islands, nobody was.

TVNewser: Do you think anything in the report is libelous?

O’Reilly: The whole report is a giant piece of defamation. All you have to do is Google David Corn and Fox News, Bill O’Reilly and you’ll see this guy has made a history of it. This isn’t the first time this guy has done it.

TVNewser: So you have a history with him?

O’Reilly: This guy is far-left assassin. That’s what he does. Everybody knows that, Brian.

TVNewser: With the way the media ran with the Brian Williams story, could you see this becoming bigger than you feel it should be?

O’Reilly: No. Because people like you are going to write the truth. When everybody writes the truth, I’ve talked to about eight or nine reporters, and when they verify what I’m saying, because it’s easily verifiable, then I expect David Corn to be in the kill zone. Where he deserves to be. CBS News has the footage to this day. Everything I said about my reportorial career — EVERYTHING — is accurate.

Corn sent an email to O’Reilly after the TV Newser interview that began:

We are writing with alarm about Bill O’Reilly’s response to our report investigating his characterizations of his reporting in “war zones.” We welcome criticism, but calling for our reporter “to be in the kill zone” crosses a line.

Goebbels, I mean David Corn is demanding an apology for O’Reilly’s allegedly “violent” comment and he is afraid for his life according to the email. Corn told CNNMoney on Thursday night that he thought O’Reilly’s choice of “kill zone” was intended to be threatening. The entire staff at Mother Jones say they are afraid for their lives.

God, what incredible jerks.

armed cats

Left wing looney tunes went wild over Bill O’Reilly using the words “kill zone”. These are the people who kick children out of school for making guns with their fingers or for chewing cookies into a gun shape to be funny.

Though this is fake fear meant to gain readership and mock O’Reilly.

Talking Points Memo publicized the Mother Jones piece from only the left-wing perspective and HuffPo challenged O’Reilly’s record of accomplishments as a reporter overseas in danger zones without one fact or reference.

Politico repeated the lie and began their hit piece like this: “Fox News host Bill O’Reilly doubled-down on his criticism of journalist David Corn while stressting [sic] that his controversial ‘kill zone’ remark was “simply a slang expression” that shouldn’t be taken literally,” they wrote with skepticism.

“It’s simply a slang expression,” O’Reilly told Mediaite of the “kill zone” phrase.


What can one expect other than this from the far far far left?


Update: 02/22/15: The battle goes on.

Eric Engberg says O’Reilly is lying:

O’Reilly came back with both barrels loaded.


Update: 2/23/15:

On Monday, Bill addressed the issues again. He said he never was in the Falklands and never said he was. He covered the war from Buenos Aires. There was a riot or confrontation around the hotel he was in, which was also being contested.

Mother Jones is insisting he said he was in the Falklands. The tape they have on their website has O’Reilly saying he was down in the Falklands, but covered the war from Buenos Aires. He clearly said “from Buenos Aires.”

Bill O’Reilly showed a CBS tape in which police were pushing people back during a serious confrontation where people got hurt.

Don Browne, a Bureau Chief for Miami NBC News at the time, came onto the O’Reilly Show via a phone communication to talk to the audience. He corroborated O’Reilly’s story and said that it was a brutal war and O’Reilly covered it.

Joe Concha of left-wing Mediaite supported O’Reilly. He said no major establishment outlet is picking it up because it’s not a story and David Corn has ulterior motives – he was fired by Fox News.

Mother Jones, the Soros publication, Corn wrote the article for has regular hit pieces on O’Reilly and an obvious vendetta.

Bill is hoping it will stop but Mother Jones posted another article about an hour after O’Reilly presented his proof. They declared that the tape didn’t support O’Reilly.

It supported enough of what O’Reilly said..

Hugh Hewitt had David Corn on his show today. It was pretty funny. Corn hung up eventually.


Update: 2/24/15:

The NY Times got in on the act and quoted O’Reilly during a phone interviews about the incident.

An excerpt from that story:

Mr. O’Reilly’s efforts to refute the claims by Mother Jones and some former CBS News colleagues occurred both on the air and off on Monday. During a phone conversation, he told a reporter for The New York Times that there would be repercussions if he felt any of the reporter’s coverage was inappropriate. “I am coming after you with everything I have,” Mr. O’Reilly said. “You can take it as a threat.”

The liberal media now has their story and they’re going wild with it.

I agree with O’Reilly, if their coverage is inappropriate, he should go after them with everything he has.

O’Reilly has the biggest audience in cable outside of ESPN and he is the one the liberals hope to destroy.

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