Leftists at the Southern Poverty Law Center Call Malik Zulu Shabazz a Right Winger

Malik Zulu Shabazz & New Black Panther Loons - SPLC Thinks They Are Tea Partiers

The Southern Poverty Law Center’s “intelligence report staff” have named 30 “right winger activists.”

Included on their list is Malik Zulu Shabazz, the left-wing black supremacist whose group put a bounty on George Zimmerman’s head. Now, suddenly, he is a right winger? SPLC doesn’t want to take credit for him and the New Black Panthers, which they already labeled as a hate group, so they are assigning Shabazz to the Conservatives. How Orwellian of them.

Classifying him a right winger is as logical as classifying the Pope as an Atheist.

Here is a glimpse into SPLC’s “intelligence report”  –

Southern Poverty Law Center: 30 New Activists Heading Up the Radical Right

By Intelligence Report Staff

The last decade has seen major changes in the American radical right. What was once a world largely dominated by a few relatively well-organized groups has become a scene populated by large numbers of smaller, weaker groups, with only a handful led by the kind of charismatic chieftains that characterized the 1990s….At the same time, there has been explosive growth in several sectors of the radical right, especially in the last few years, much of it driven by anger over the diminishing white majority (the Census Bureau has predicted that non-Hispanic whites will fall to less than 50% of the population by 2050) and the severe dislocations caused by a still-ailing economy…

These annoying lefties also refer to “Patriots” and basically say they are the same old tired hateful right wingers. They are undoubtedly including Tea Party members as “Patriots,” most of whom are people who were never politically active before the socialists came into power. Tea Party people are normal Americans who love the Constitution and freedom.

These are the names SPLC listed as new activists heading up the radical right, most of whom I never heard of, but they are probably a lot more harmless than the Southern Poverty Law Center –

Virginia Abernetyh, Chuck Baldwin, David Barton, Don Black, Michael Boldin, Michael L. Brown, Kevin j. DeAnna, Tom DeWeese, David Duke, Lou Engle, Joseph Francis Farah, Bryan Fischer, Frank Gaffney, Pamela Geller, Morris L. Gulett, Michael Hill, Alex E. Jones, Cliff Kincaid, Randal Lee Krager, Alex Linder, Kevin MacDonald, Jason “Molotov” Mitchell, Elmer Stewart Rhodes, Kyle Rogers, Malik Zulu Shabazz, Samuel Jared Taylor, James Timothy Turner, Michael Brian Verderboegh, Pastor John Weaver, David Yerushalmi.

I once donated to this center – when I was a liberal – and before I knew they were extreme leftists.

The SPLC is now on MY extremist list.

Malik in this video sounds like left wing Farrakhan to me –