Leftists Opine: Reading Bedtime Stories Promotes Social Inequality


Having a loving family gives children an unfair advantage according to a couple philosophers speaking to ABC Radio National in Australia.

UK philosophers Adam Swift and Harry Brighouse think Plato had a point when he said he wanted to abolish the family and put children in the care of the state.

The family creates inequality, they whined.

A parent who does the best for their child “makes the playing field even more lopsided,” philosopher Swift said.

Swift is concerned that the advantages of a good family, private schooling, and a good neighborhood gives some children an unfair advantage.

Reading bedtime stories gives children too much of an advantage!

“Evidence shows that the difference between those who get bedtime stories and those who don’t — the difference in their life chances — is bigger than the difference between those who get elite private schooling and those that don’t,” British academic Adam Swift told ABC’s Joe Gelonesi.

ABC’s Joe Gelonosi responded online: “This devilish twist of evidence surely leads to a further conclusion that perhaps — in the interests of levelling the playing field — bedtime stories should also be restricted.”

These philosophers aren’t ready to advocate for abolishment of the family just yet, but they are concerned that “families exacerbate social inequality.”

Someone needs to explain to them that life isn’t fair.

The left thinks the authoritarian State should make all things fair.

Source: ABC