Leftist’s Plans to Corrupt the Vote


government is civil war Photo of Occupy sign opposing government

I’m still at the Left Forum conference at Pace University. This is my second post on the conference. The workshop I am attending now is being run by one Communist and several Occupy Wall Street members – the Democratic Party’s peeps.

The workshop is entitled, “Making Voting Count: Electoral Reform & Alternative Voting Methods. Basically, they want to change our system of voting.

One speaker, an Occupier, said Occupy Wall Street formed a politics and electoral reform working group in 2011 to end plurality voting. They claim they want to uncorrupt the vote.

As they discussed their reasons, they included populist ideas such as ridding us of term limits. That is a straw man. Their plan did nothing to end term limits. They actually want to force through a system of voting similar to what we see in Banana Republics.

Their system would allow everyone -including kooks – to run for every office as they go through round after round of elections, eventually ending up with radical candidates winning, candidates who otherwise would never have a chance of winning.

This group had permission to canvas voters outside one voting precinct where Obama won and Romney came in second.

Under all of their alternative voting methods, the Green Party came in second place and Romney came in last.

The district in question – New York’s 69th Assembly district on the Upper East Side – preferred the following under the Occupiers alternative voting methods: the Green Party, the Independence Party (as in Senator Sanders), Socialist Party, Democratic Party, and assorted statist parties (Communists, write-ins, etc.), with Republicans last in that order.

Under several of their scenarios, Obama still won but the Greens always came in second. No one liked Romney and the only reason he received any votes under plurality voting was as a result of the two-party system, they claim. They are appalled by the two-party system and find it limiting. They want everyone on the ballot.

Their plan is to increase their influence in Congress. They already have two congressmen, they say, who will support their alternative voting system.

The Communist on the panel, a transplant from Communist Russia or Poland, wants strategic voting to push radical leftists into power.

One participant wants Occupiers to occupy the Democratic Party to force them to go along with their new system of voting which favors leftists.