Leftist Hate Messaging on the Heels of Charleston Murders


The leftists want you to get the message and that message is to hate people on the right, to hate whites on the right, and to silence them.

Communist rabble rouser Van Jones wants the term “white terrorist” used as much as “Muslim terrorist” in the wake of the Charleston murders by an obviously insane psychopath.

He’s not alone. It was picked up by other angry liberals, if you can call what they are liberal, and they were given a platform to spew their hate throughout the media.

FBI head Jim Comey said what happened in Charleston does not fit the government’s descripton of “terrorism”.

Bill O’Reilly equated the deranged killer with ISIS. In a way he’s right but it’s already being misused by leftists who want to establish a lie that white racist terrorists are rampaging throughout the country.

On his show last week, O’Reilly said, “No question that was an act of terror, no different than what ISIS and al Qaeda do — targeting civilians because of who they are. In this case skin color seems to be the motivator. This is not a tragedy, this is an execution designed to terrorize people just like the Boston Marathon bombing and the mass-murder at Fort Hood, Texas. Reaction came quickly:”

While the actual victims of Charleston are out forgiving the madman racist who killed their loved ones because they are such remarkable people with love in their hearts, the leftists are out trying to use the actions of a madman to no longer simply spread hate towards police officers, but towards all whites with whom they disagree.

Harris-Perry is a dyed-in-the-wool, card carrying leftist. Her show’s entire purpose is to damage whites and right wingers and to spread the idea that all our institutions are inherently, systemically racist. The leftist’s dark view of the world is perplexing, especially from the likes of Harris-Perry who has no talent but has reached incredible success as an anchor of a TV show where her only skills are to complain and spread hate.

HARRIS-PERRY: “That idea that there is not a mutually exclusive relationship between a narcissistic murderer who is also imbued with a system of racial supremacy of white supremacy.”

METZL: “Well this narrative of the loner again is something we hear in the aftermath of every one of these shootings, perpetuated in some way by the media but also the NRA says this is a lone act. This is one crazy person. What that does is it doesn’t allow society to look at itself. I feel that we go the wrong way when we tell that narrative. These are moments of about a national awakening about ourselves, our own values. This shooter clearly reflected larger ideologies, he clearly resonated with larger symbols of racism. I mean I don’t think having a fla rode ease the pathology is us at moments and we do a it a disservice when we negate it.”

PIERCE: “You know 12 or 24 hours they interviewed his friends and neighbors, family members, he’s not a lone wolf. He’s situated in a community and a community is in part connected to the heinous act. We can’t dismiss this as an anomaly or an abberation, you don’t like it when we say it’s a senseless crime. It makes perfect sense. Racism in this country is as ubiquitous as rain. Instead of saying this is a lone wolf or someone we can’t imagine, he told us why he did what he did and he told us who he hated and he told us why. We have to take that seriously so we stop thinking that this is just an individual and it won’t happen again. It happens with great degree of regularity. It’s broken, our systems are broken. Our institutions and our structures are racist. Until we address that, we’re continue to have these conversations.”

Former State Rep. Bakari Sellers thinks we should add these nine names to Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, Walter Scott, and anyone who is black who died, even criminals. He’s lumping criminals like Michael Brown in with these good people in Charleston.

Here is another person who is making every black death about whites and their supposed hate towards blacks. If whites generalized against blacks like this, we’d be drawn and quartered.

Within hours of the killings, Barack Obama went out to use this monstrous killing to demand limits on the Second Amendment. They plan to turn people against the Amendment and erode support for it and it’s working. They hope to eliminate it altogether and they’re on the path.

Look at this psychopath. One look and you can see his eyes are dead. In no way is he normal. They want to use a psychopath to prove their lie that our entire country and every system is at its core – racist. You’re going to look at him and tell me he’s not just another violent psychopath? He is to be held up as a model of what is wrong with whites?







He fits the narrative. When a left winger commits a heinous crime, he’s just insane.

The Columbine shooters’ parents were Progressive liberals; the Virginia Tech shooter was a registered Democrat who sent hate mail to George Bush; the Colorado theater killer was a registered Democrat who worked on the Obama campaign; the Connecticut school shooter was a registered Democrat who hated Christians. Ted “Ted” Kaczynski and Malik Hasan Nadal were Progressive liberals. The Hollywood killer was a Hollywood Progressive. Domestic terrorists of the past have been Democrats with Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn being the most notable.

All of them were judged insane and their leftist views were ignored.They finally have their perfect case. A psychopath they can use to attack all white people on the right.

Opportunist Hillary Clinton will demean her own race to get ahead. She is using the racist term “white privilege” to describe the killings in Charleston. Dylann Roof is nuts! We can’t call lone wolves lone wolves any longer if they are racist because they can be used to put down all whites.

She is also painting all whites as bigots, only we’re stupid bigots because we don’t even know we’re bigots. And God forbid you tell a joke with a black person mentioned in it. What is this witch talking about?

Leftist blowhard Marc Lamont Hill, an Al Sharpton wannabe, is blaming it on white supremacy which now means all whites.

They hope to use this to silence all opponents to leftist views. WaPo’s Eugene Robinson wants to target any right winger who speaks out expressing their opinions as a hater simply for giving an opinion.

One of the biggest haters around, Bill Maher, blamed Matt Drudge, who only provides links, and the Daily Caller for daring to have stories about blacks.

“Well, we can never tell why someone snaps, but I bet you I can tell ya where he got his news. I looked at [The Daily Caller] the last week, it was a lot of stories about black people. Same with Matt Drudge. I think they present a really twisted view. I’m not surprised this guy thought they’re ‘taking over the country.’

He saved his best to attack Republicans and Fox News.

“It’s amazing—these white men who believe they’re a member of the master race always look like the half-wit who sprays fungicide in the shoes of the bowling alley. On Fox News, they could not decide if this was absolutely not the right time to talk about guns, or absolutely not the right time to talk about racism. And yet, you know, the shooter purposely went to a black church, he told the victims he had to do it because they were ‘taking over,’ he wore pro-Apartheid stickers on his jacket, his friends said he was big into segregation, he talked about starting ‘a race war,’ so naturally, when it comes to what motivated him, Republicans are stumped. They are. They cannot figure it out!”

He agreed that Roof has a warped mind and Maher wouldn’t say “we should be droning Fox News but …”

Traitor Luis Guitierrez, who is instrumental in erasing our borders, put his two cents in by saying the insane white supremacist Roof is saying exactly what the Tea Party says. While this isn’t at all true, it drew applause.

Guitierrez then blamed Donald Trump. Trump exaggerated and was too hard on Mexico but what he said was, “They [Mexicans] are bringing drugs, and bringing crime, and their rapists.” He was referring to the many cartels and gang members coming in to this country to commit these crimes and that’s true. What the loon in Charleston said is “they’re raping our women.” Guitierrez is conflating the two and he’s doing it to silence anyone who speaks out boldly. If anyone who disagrees with leftists speaks out, they are causing violent crimes.

Leftists need to shut down Trump quickly because he’s dangerous. A lot of what he said resonates with many Americans – right, left and independent. Maybe he went over-the-top but he made a point the left does not want you to hear.

When the left speaks out with far more vitriol, they are just telling the truth – got it?

If Maher has an opportunity to spread hate towards anyone who disagrees with him, he will use his show to do it.

Rev. Calvin Butts tried to blame Rep. Joe Wilson for Charleston for calling Obama a liar. Obama is a liar and the issue Wilson referred to was illegal aliens getting Obamacare. As it turns out, many are, subsidized by the American taxpayer.

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