Legislators Give Taxpayer Money Away While Vacant Homes on LI Increase



While LI legislators are giving away taxpayer money  to some residents, in the name of social justice, the number of vacant homes and apartments on Long Island have nearly doubled.

Click here to see what I mean about giving our money away, not once, but twice for social justice, while others lose their homes and are ignored.

Maybe our legislators’ should rethink what they are doing because it is not working well.

Newsday says there were 39,000 empty homes on Long Island last year. In 2000, there were 22,000 homes empty. Officials say the problem is a result of the mortgage meltdown. People who owe more than their homes are worth, are walking away.

Meanwhile, the Long Island Housing Partnership uses our tax money to help people buy homes even when they cannot afford them – no problem, the taxpayers are a bottomless pit. You should also know that proof of citizenship is not a prerequisite to qualify for LIHP since asking for proof is racism by their bizarre standards.

Oh, and don’t forget Eric Holder, who is doing the same thing on a grand scale by forcing banks to back risky mortgages for the poor. Holder threatens the banks and they agree to bargain by backing homes where people don’t even have jobs. But, don’t worry, welfare counts as income. Since when did owning a home become a “right?” I bet you’re asking yourself – isn’t this how we got to the first housing crisis? The answer is a resounding, “YES!”