Let’s Give Up Our Independence to England


Let’s go under English rule again so we can get David Cameron to lead us. Obama is not working out.

David Cameron’s decisive speech about ISIS this morning was in stark contrast to the ‘no strategy’ speech given by our clueless president yesterday. Obama has no strategy after four years of ISIS building their army.

While Obama dithers, reviews and ponders, a fed bulletin is warning of an imminent threat along our border.

David Cameron

The Guardian reported that UK PM David Cameron, photo above, will confiscate passports of possible homegrown terrorists.

He pulled a press conference together quickly this morning to announce counter-terrorism legislation to deal with the security threat of homegrown terrorists.

Obama is not acting, he is reviewing – yet again – what to do about ISIS as he mingles with the rich and famous while fundraising throughout New York and Rhode Island.

David Cameron plans to introduce new powers to strip terrorist suspects of their passports to tackle a “greater and deeper threat to our security than we have known before”. There will be other counter-terrorism measures announced on Monday.

Cameron returned from his vacation after only one day when James Foley was brutally murdered by ISIS on TV by a homegrown terrorist while Barack Obama continued on with his vacation moments after a meandering speech.

Obama was on the golf course as Foley’s heartbroken and traumatized parents cried during a press conference. People say the optics were bad. That is not the case. It wasn’t the optics, it was the cold-hearted, narcissistic behavior by our president that was the problem.

Obama’s press secretary made a point of saying today that we are not at war with ISIS. Unfortunately, they’re at war with us.

This is David Cameron:

This is Barack Obama:

We have a 1960’s-style hippie as president.

Obama hippie

Someone, please, wake Obama up before he gets thousands of our countrymen killed and, please, close the borders.

As I’ve said before, it’s not rocket science.

In some sectors along our borders, the traffic is 93% drug smugglers. How many are terrorists? As Janet Napolitano said in a weak moment of actually telling the truth, they come across “from time to time.” Border Patrol find prayer rugs, Korans, Iranian bills, and so on.

Allen West has a good article up about the mass murders in the US by jihadists that our incompetent media does not tell us about. CLICK THIS LINK

Americans need to rise up. I lost people on 9/11 and I want to tell you that you don’t want to go through that again. We are in worse shape then we were in 2001 according to many in the military community.

Make your voice heard. At least write to your representatives daily until they listen.