Let’s Make School About Our Sexual Preferences

Vagina T-shirt Girl & Her Mother

If you ever wonder why our society is disintegrating, take a look at the parents for your answer.

A New York City girl who wears a T-shirt that says “I enjoy vagina” not only thinks it is appropriate, she believes it is her first amendment right to distract the other students with her sexual proclivities.

She thinks her T-shirt is no different than the “Enjoy Coke” Tees that students wear. Huh?

Her mom agrees with her. Huh?

Well, they got their 15 minutes of fame.

Teachers are trying to control their students while they teach and something this distracting causes disruptions.

Desiree just reminded me they’re not learning anything in the NYC school system anyway so let her wear the Tee.

via NY Daily News

Brianna Demato and her mom, Cathy, say Newtown High School had no right to make her change a “vagina” shirt or be forced to leave the Queens building.

A Queens high school sent a student home Tuesday, saying her “I enjoy vagina” T-shirt was a distraction — but the bisexual teen says administrators are trouncing her free speech.

And her mother is on her side.

Brianna Demato, 15, of Woodhaven, wore the explicit “Enjoy Coke”-style T-shirt to Newtown High School Tuesday — and said she was sent home when she refused to change…