Let’s Not Forget Hillary Clinton’s Other Email Scandal


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A former Inspector General (IG) who left before Hillary became secretary of state said this week that it is no coincidence there was no inspector general while she was in office. He said if he were IG he would have launched an investigation of her use of a private server immediately.

This isn’t the first time the Clintons have engaged in an email scandal. First there was Project X.

In the early 1990’s, President and Hillary Clinton were accused of violating the privacy rights of their perceived political enemies by wrongly accessing and misusing the FBI files of Reagan and Bush I staffers and others.

White House flunkies collected secret FBI files on Republicans mostly.

Craig Livingstone, a former bar bouncer, flunky, and director of the White House’s Office of Personnel Security “improperly” accessed 400 to 900 FBI files on individuals who were political enemies.

Mrs. Clinton called it a “completely honest bureaucratic snafu.”

Many of these files were on people from previous Republican administrations. Hillary Clinton hired Livingstone and is alleged to have looked at the files and requested this move. She was accused by Republicans of violating privacy rights of individuals she viewed as political adversaries.

She responded by saying it was a right wing conspiracy as well as a bureaucratic mistake.

This scandal became known as “Filegate.” In pursuing its Filegate investigation, Judicial Watch, a conservative watchdog, learned with the help of whistleblowers Sheryl Hall and Betty Lambuth that the Clinton-Gore White House had hidden as many as 1.8 million e-mails from courts, Congressional investigators and independent counsels for nearly two years. Plans were also uncovered to destroy the files.

Someone turned off the automatic email archiving system and ‘lost’ about one million emails.

It was also during this Filegate case that it was learned that President Clinton, on the advice of his top political adviser, James Carville, had illegally released Privacy Act protected information from White House files to smear Kathleen Willey, a woman who was a material witness in the impeachment proceedings, as she was also sexually harassed by the “philanderer in chief” while working for him in the White House. This was the basis of Judge Lamberth’s ruling that President Clinton had committed a crime.

It coincidentally took place as prosecutor Ken Starr was subpoenaing emails for the Lewinsky scandal. Congress wanted the emails.

Also coincidentally, the emails were from the accounts of President Clinton and others being investigated in the scandal.

False testimony was given.

The Clintons also allegedly scrutinized peoples’ taxes illegally after collecting these hundreds of FBI files.

The missing files were discovered in 1998 by the House Government Reform and Oversight Committee, that had been investigating the Clintons’ Travelgate caper.

The whistleblowers, who uncovered the missing emails, said in testimony that some of the e-mails dealt with “Vice President Al Gore’s involvement in campaign fund-raising controversies” and “the sale of Clinton Commerce Department trade mission seats in exchange for campaign contributions (Travelgate).”

Also during the whistleblower testimony, the contractors from Northrop Grumman said they were told they must participate in the cover up or lose their $50 million contract.

A  lawsuit on the scandal by conservative watchdog Judicial Watch in 2010 was dismissed by Judge Lambreth who said “there was no there there.” Rather than viewing it as a conspiracy, he said it was a “bureaucratic mistake.”

Just like now! Do we really want a president this incompetent (for those who don’t believe any of this was deliberate)? She loses everything.

As an aside, in the early 1990s, key papers describing Hillary Clinton’s work for a failed Savings and Loan institution went missing for two years. Mysteriously and miraculously, they turned up in the White House storage room of a third floor residence after having gone missing from Hillary’s law firm – the Rose Law Firm. There were subpoenas out for them also.



  1. There is nothing for those who become consumed with the quest for power will not do to get more of it. What a deplorable person she is. Regrettably, there are thousands of them in local, state, and national positions. The bureaucrats are the termites in the wall. They’ve been there for over a hundred years.

    Just like cockroached, they don’t like light to reveal their numbers and the disease they carry. Keep the torch bright, Sara.

  2. It’s just not possible to mention email scandals without putting all of them on the table. Unless your fish is to be seen helping conservatives by trying to put the Clintons in s bad light. The fact is three highest level of the bush administration used gwb43.com for the States business and then deleted over 22 million emails, conveniently just before an investigation to the cleansing of the us attorneys.

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