Let’s Vote on Catholic Church Teachings

Gay activist couple who want church teachings put up to a vote.
Gay activist couple who want church teachings put up to a vote.

The left-wing loons want to hold a vote to decide the teachings of the Catholic Church, seemingly under the delusion that Catholicism is a political organization of some kind.

A Catholic Church in Oceanside – St. Anthony’s – had an openly gay Deacon.  The Deacon decided to marry his male partner and lost his volunteer position as a result.

Gay marriage runs counter to catholic teachings which hold that marriage is between a man and a woman. It is at the core of their religious beliefs.

One parishioner said, “He’s (the Deacon) teaching the religion. He’s doing God’s work.”

Honestly, he might be teaching some religion, but it’s not the Catholic religion if he’s violating their teachings.

The same parishioner and one other want this decision to come to a vote.

What else should come to a vote? How about abortion? Let’s vote on whether the church should allow full-term babies to be aborted. Why not throw everything they teach up for a vote? We should vote on the quality of the wine during communion. Enough of that Chilean wine, we want Mondavi.

The reason it can’t be voted on is simple. The Catholic Church is a religion, not a political democratic party.

The left also likes to say that Christ was a socialist. No, he was not. He was a religious leader, not a politician.

The gay couple, Nicholas Coppola and David Crespo, said the bishop has the authority [no kidding], but they will remain active in the church and in the community.

The couple were greeted by a dozen or so people when they made a public statement while Mass was being said yesterday. Newsday ran the article but one would think the entire community turned out to support them.

To reinstate the Deacon would be a purely emotional decision based on his popularity and not on what the church believes in.

The gay marriage came to light by way of an anonymous letter received by the parish priest, Rev. Nicholas Lombardi. The Diocese of Rockville Centre backed the decision because gay marriage goes against church teachings.

HuffPo and other left-wing organizations are having a field day vilifying the decision by the church.

It was only last week, that it was revealed that the army field manual classifies mainstream catholics as terrorists of the same ilk as al Qaeda and Hamas. They got this information for the manual and subsequent lectures from the communists over at the Southern Poverty Law Center. Read about it on this link.