Liberal Lawyer Says Dangerous Soviet Tactic Being Used Against Trump


Alan Dershowitz, a retired Harvard Law Professor, is a liberal who voted for Hillary Clinton. But the scholar of constitutional law and criminal law is now defending President Trump in the media. He describes the attacks against the President by his political opponents as including a popular Soviet police tactic.

It’s a tactic that will have devastating consequences for American jurisprudence.

A very dangerous precedent is being set but as long as the “resistance” wins, they frankly don’t care how they do it

Furthermore, while the left and the neverTrumpers try to find a crime with which to charge the President, Alan Dershowitz says there is no crime.

As the retired Harvard professor and prominent civil rights’ activist explained, the obstruction of justice charge is based on the President acting on his constitutional authority.

“He had the right to fire Comey, Comey acknowledged that. He had the right to tell Comey to stop investigating Flynn. Comey acknowledged that. So what is the obstruction of justice if he had the constitutional power to do that?”

Additionally, one of the comparisons people like to draw is between Trump’s non-case and Nixon’s Watergate. Trump’s and Nixon’s cases are not alike, Dershowitz says. Nixon likely committed real crimes and Trump has not.

“There’s no allegations of any independent criminal conduct against President Trump.”

“This is selective injustice against a particular President who is unpopular with Democrats and it’s just not right.”

Quoting Lavrenti Beria, Stalin’s secret police chief, Dershowitz said, “Show me the man and I’ll find you the crime”, noting that that is exactly what is being done to the President. It’s an illegal fishing expedition being done for political purposes.

This could set dangerous, Soviet-style precedent but as long as the anti-Trumpers get their way, they don’t care.


  1. It’s ironic but not surprising the communists that aim to destroy the US are the ones blaming the Russians. If the Russians are involved it is these “useful idiots” doing their dirty work.

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