Liberal Tunisia Proposes A Constitution That Legislates According to Sharia Law


Tunisia is one of the most liberal Middle Eastern countries. Women are granted equal rights. Zine al-Abdine Ben Ali was ousted last year and the recent election gave the moderate Islamist Ennahda party, the third largest party, a 40 percent share in the assembly, or 89 seats.

They are charged with developing the constitution and have proposed one based on Sharia Law. If it receives a 60% majority of Parliamentarians, it will pass without a referendum.

The draft document “stipulates in its first article that Tunisia is a free, independent and sovereign country, Islam is its religion and the principal source of its legislation, Arabic is its language and its system is a republic.”

“Using Islamic sharia as a principal source of legislation will guarantee freedom, justice, social equality, consultation, human rights and the dignity of all its people, men and women.”

The Ennahda states that they have no intention of enforcing Sharia but want to calm tensions with the minority conservative Islamists. At the same time, it will enflame secularists…Read here: Reuters