Liberals Are Destroying Our Black Communities With the Best of Intentions


The Irish Ganges of yesteryear

Once it was the Irish gangs we had to worry about

I understand Eric Holder’s panic over the numbers of young black  males ending up in prisons at an early age.  Too many learn to become hardened criminals in these facilities. I also agree with Holder that zero tolerance, which is harming students, needs to be eliminated but it is hurting all children not just black children. Blacks are often stuck with bad lawyers because they are more likely to be poor and unemployed. They often don’t get a fair shake, that’s a fact too.

Where Holder loses me is when he says he wants prison sentences and school discipline for blacks to be tailored only to blacks because we are a racist country.

Everyone should be treated the same regardless of color, creed or sexual persuasion. Selecting out preferred groups is inherently unfair to those left out.

That being said, arresting young black males or anyone for small amounts of marijuana is ridiculous, unnecessary and damaging. That’s one place, where we could make some needed changes. I agree with Holder on this issue to some degree. To ignore it, however, is a mistake. Marijuana is a gateway drug, it is controlled by criminals and will continue to be, even if legalized.

An easy solution is to not criminalize it but to have another category for this “crime” and require youthful offenders to do community service and/or rehab under threat of fine.

Zero tolerance in schools is one of the most damaging policies I have seen in schools. It hurts every victim of it to some degree. Blacks don’t need to be singled out, everyone suffers under it.

The government can’t easily address the social issues in black communities but what they view as acts of kindness have hurt blacks and now Hispanics. The Administration has some good ideas but they always make it into an issue of racism regardless of whether it is or not and they always take it to an extreme. It always, always involves more big government.

The administration would better serve the citizens by properly defining the problem and then working with their colleagues to come up with reasonable solutions that are legitimately within the government’s purview.

I understand the panic about the ever-increasing numbers of minority youths in prisons. most don’t have the money for good lawyers as many whites do and it creates an inbalance in our justice system. The “free lawyer” system needs to be cleaned up. It’s not working but that doesn’t mean we should install a system of unequal justice.

Teaching blacks that whites run around feeling privileged and whites hate them is actually helping to destroy black communities. Race-baiters like Al Sharpton preach hate and racism. He’s a bad guy whom President Obama has elevated to White House adviser simply because he is another socialist who is black.

Our own president makes everything about race.

Republican black leaders are quickly dispatched with ridicule and name calling. They are often called Uncle Toms. The hate and separation has grown intense and wide thanks to the race whores. Blacks can pick their own leaders and it’s not my place to say who their leaders should be, but it is my right to say that some of them are despicable race-baiters who cause segregation.

Redistribution on a large scale and affirmative action are not going to be the answer. History has shown us that.

Today, the unemployment rate among black males, ages 16-19 is an horrific 57%!  57%!  It’s 25% for white males that age, also a disaster. Then there is this: 75% of black babies are born out of wedlock. The liberal solution is to abort them, to kill generation after generation of precious and irreplaceable black babies. They have the same solution for poor white babies. Instead of adoption, they think “unwanted” babies should be aborted.

Liberals don’t like marriage and when Bill O’Reilly recently went on air to decry the situation for blacks in the inner cities who are getting caught up in gangs, he talked about the loss of the intact family in black communities.

O’Reilly’s words were twisted in the media and on the Internet and, suddenly, a discussion we should all be having became: O’Reilly is a racist, O’Reilly is blaming blacks for unemployment, O’Reilly is denigrating blacks, O’Reilly is picking on that great leader, Al Sharpton.

How do you have an intelligent debate if neither side will talk honestly about it? The left has silenced all discussions because they have all the answers, or so they think. Unfortunately, all the signs point to their failure.

While there are many great social workers, ministers and police officers doing great work with gangs, we could use an Eliot Ness and a Bobby Kennedy who treat gangs just like mobs were treated decades ago. These gangs are the mob and they have no small part in destroying our culture.

The black culture, the Hispanic culture, the Native-American culture, the white culture is our culture. When we stop seeing them as separate entities and see ourselves as all part of one nation and one people united, we will fare much better.

Many black youths feel racism makes it impossible for them to get ahead. They have no hope and go to gangs where they can make money. They are often recruited at an early age and oftentimes forced into gangs.  They are not not being educated properly, compounding the problem. They often have a poor home life and live in poverty.

It’s a complicated problem and when people like Holder and the left only make it about racism, they ignore the problem for what it is and they divide us even more. The fact is their “solutions” aren’t working.  Whites who think this is a black problem are forgetting that we are all one people, united, we are in this together. Plenty of whites are just as bad off but have better lawyers. That is a fact.

This is OUR problem and we should all be panicking.

This article was edited after publication.