Liberals Hate Cows


banning beef

The U.S. government plans to change the nation’s dietary guidelines to promote foods that they believe have “a smaller carbon footprint.”

The liberals want to tell us what to eat, we all know that, but are you aware that they want to tell you not to eat certain foods depending on the alleged environmental impact? The new nutritional guidelines, which are rewritten every five years, are about to come out and they will possibly reflect a new politically correct food chart and dietary guidelines.

A panel of environmental leftists are advising the Agriculture Department and, not only do they want to tell you what is healthy to eat, but they want it to be geared towards what they’ve decided is best for the environment.

Leftists don’t like beef!

Our new dietary guidelines will push hard for people to pick plant-based foods because cows have a bigger carbon footprint.

The federal government is politicizing the Agriculture department and – without a scientific basis – they have decided beef is bad.

If implemented,the changes won’t come cheap. They affect more than just a guideline. It will affect anything the government is responsible for.

There is a reason ranchers and meat producers have been targeted by Bureau of Land Management land grabs, regulations, and EPA decrees. There is a distinct prejudice against meat among the leftists.

As the leftists are wont to do, they conducted a study that supported their views. The study says that compared with other popular animal proteins, beef produces more heat-trapping gases per calorie, puts out more water-polluting nitrogen, takes more water for irrigation, takes more land.

The panel wants to make our diets sustainable.

The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association called the committee biased and the meat recommendation absurd.

Congress has directed Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack to stick “to only include nutrition and dietary information not extraneous factors” in final guidelines. The Agriculture Department is on notice that Congress will push back.

The extreme environmentalists are pushing back, insisting the Agriculure Department include their “sustainable diet” recommendations.

They are nudging us now but will force us later.

In March, The Sentinel posted an article warning people about what was coming – climate extremists are writing the guidelines.

There is no limit as to what the federal government will meddle in.

It will negatively impact food stamps, military and school meals programs. It will be expensive and it will push a far-left wing agenda which includes ideas such as abandoning meat and dairy as much as possible.

Their other non-agriculture, political agenda items include “immigration,” “global climate change” and “agriculture/aquaculture sustainability.”