Liberals Incite Hate, Murder Against Trump and Supporters


Actor Will Smith is embarrassed by Trump’s ideas and those of his supporters so he “wants to cleanse it out of our country.” What did the communists do successfully to about 100 million people?

Smith thinks a temporary common sense ban on people entering the country from terror nations — while Isis is promising to infiltrate refugees — can be equated with not liking people who are different.

And how would he “cleanse”? The same way the left has always done it.

Will Smith, another Hollywood genius, is over in the Middle East, speaking to foreigners, many of whom hate us, talking about cleansing the USA of Trump and his supporters.

What happens if Donald Trump is assassinated? The left will have egged it on. The left is putting Trump’s and Trump supporters’ lives in danger to silence them and delegitimize them so they can freely take away the Bill of Rights, most especially the First and Second Amendments, and replace them with their Socialist Bill of Rights first put forth by FDR. It’s long been their fantasy.

This violent language of the left could well lead to some maniac trying to kill Donald or supporters.

The left would celebrate if Trump or any of his followers were murdered. That should tell people something.

They demand tolerance of their ideas but have none for opponents’ ideas.

Ted Strickland, who is running for office against Rob Portman, gave us an idea of how the left responds to opponents’ deaths. The people applauding also show us.

Remember this:

libs want us dead

The fools on the left blame capitalism for everything and want our system of government overturned to replace it with statism. They are treasonous.


  1. Wil Smith – always thought you were a incompetent fool now I know for sure you are. If you don’t vet the people coming into our Country properly, than how do we keep our Country safe from Terrorists and keep another 9-11 from happening. Will you still say and think this when they come after you and your family and murder them for no reason/

  2. There’s no doubt in my mind these fools have no idea of the magnitude of who supports the Election of Donald Trump, as a matter of fact, maybe we can get the great Willie Smith and the Brave Fat Pig Mikie Moore to lead the elimination of the trump supporters, Willieboy must be locked into his makebelieve world of alien monsters attacking earth, who does he believe in our vast society of mixed races and believers actually are the grass routes ; the bottom of the supporters for Donald Trump to be ? It would be a sad day to approach ; any theory or attempt any restraints to those that support Trump. Willieboy incompetent oh shucks , gosh gee whiz, you mean Racist Willieboy?

  3. So Will Smith went to Dubai, probably stayed in their exquisite hi-rise hotel. It’s a pretty western country. Why not go spend some time in Syria, or Iraq, or Afghanistan? He’ll change his tune.

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