Liberals Want You to Eat Crickets


The liberals want us de-industrialized and they want to rid our diets of meat. They like to say meat is not good for us even though it’s not true.

Some liberals believe the animals that provide us with meat are polluting the air and causing global warming. They have one solution though – bugs.

Did you know that you can make flour out of crickets? It only takes 6 days to replenish the supply since that’s how often they propagate.

One cookie would take 23 crickets! Yum!

I heard this on CBS radio’s The Osgood File this morning.

These liberals are serious.

If you don’t believe me, go to, that is, go there if you don’t mind waiting 30 seconds for it to load.

This is from one page on the website.

bugs for food

We will soon be living in huts if these liberals have their way.

The U.N., a bastion of lunacy, said that by 2050 the world population will reach nine billion and that we will have to look at bugs as a food source.

Colorado entomologist Mary Ann Hamilton says people in 13 countries eat bugs regularly as a source of protein. “Sometimes they like flash fry them in a wok, sometimes they boil them to get all the hair off and just gobble them up, sometimes they just roast them over a fire,” said Hamilton.

Where are the people against cruelty to bugs when you need them?

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