Liberia Introduces A “Kill the Gays” Bill, Thanks In Part to U.S. Interference

Should American Money Interfere In Corrupt African Politics

This is one of the most alarming reports to come out of Liberia in recent days and it is the newly introduced, “Kill the Gays” Bill. It is one direct outgrowth of U.S. and U.K. interference in Liberian internal matters as it applies to gay marriage in that country.

The U.S. and U.K. who send funds to Liberia will hold back the money if the Liberian’s do not enhance gay rights, namely allow gay marriage.  Fighting abuses is one thing but now we are interjecting ourselves into the social mores of another country.

The U.S. has begun an American cultural war on African soil and we are using money to push the agenda. Many Liberians believe it goes against their core beliefs and are angry over U.S.-U.K. interference.  Personally, their tactics and ours go against my core beliefs.

The fierce debate rages as various gay rights groups push for gay marriage.

Our interference may have brought this issue to a far more terrifying level. The frightening outgrowth came from Liberia’s ex-First Lady who has introduced a bill, not to merely ban gay marriage, but to make being gay punishable by death –

..”No two persons of the same sex shall have sexual relations. A violation of this prohibition will be considered a first degree felony,” reads the proposed amendment to marriage laws.

First degree punishment can range from 10 years to life imprisonment to the death sentence, on the discretion of the judge.

Voluntary sodomy is already a criminal offence in the west African country and can result in up to three years imprisonment, according to a lawyer consulted by AFP.

George Tengbeh, a senator supporting the bill, said he hoped it would put an end to months of acrimonious public debate on gay rights.

It aims “to prevent the parliament from talking about such an issue that is against our tradition and culture,” he told AFP…Read more: Google

Both evangelicals and gay rights groups in the U.S. are pouring money and support in addition to the  government funding, accelerating the furor. Our money is being used to distort the corrupt political system of Liberia and entrench that very corruption. It is no longer about gay rights.

Shouldn’t Liberia, a sovereign nation, be left to resolve their own problems? Unlesss, of course, they move ahead with this vicious bill.  The bill appears to be a way to shut down the issue as opposed to a serious bill.

This current situation has accelerated the most dangerous outcomes one could possibly imagine in a most dangerous part of the world.