Libs Tell Trump He Can’t Overturn an Obama Memo


For those who don’t know, DACA didn’t come about because of an executive order, it was the result of a MEMO. So when the courts and attorneys general in liberal states put a hold on the President’s cancellation of DACA, they are telling him he can’t rescind a memo!

Barack Obama ruled by memo. He changed the way the government does business by growing the power of the executive branch. His use of executive orders paled in comparison to his use of memos – “guidance” issuances – to make it happen.

He didn’t need executive orders as long as he had his pen, phone and the ability to “clarify” with “memoranda”. His “clarifications” fundamentally transformed the government and gave his overblown agencies powers they were never meant to have.

In the case of DACA, he invented a “rule” to legalize DREAMers and it was issued in a memo. The “rule” halted most deportations.

It was correctly interpreted by smugglers and corrupt politicians as an invitation to bring children and teens, even gang kids, into the country illegally.

The fascists and dictators on the left have gone completely rogue. This is the dictatorship the Democrats want for America.

Look at some of the lovely people dubbed as DACA in this video. They are eating their own abd they are an entitled bunch. This is what appeasement breeds.


  1. I didn’t realize these are considered memos. How cowardly of Obama to not make them legal orders. So the dems expect us to honor memos from a dictator.

    • Your comment is content free. If you had a case to make you would attempt to do so. Here’s some content for you, if you can handle and understand it. Obama said over 20 times that what he ultimately did was illegal. The widespread view is that his memo was illegal.

      Sara is a fine writer, and she says a lot in a few words.

      • The moniker describes him/her perfectly…SAD. When one is incapable of conducting a thoughtful, intelligent debate utilizing fact based arguments, you resort to personal insults.
        There is good reason Ms. Nobel’s work on the Independent Sentinel has been nationally recognized as one of the top online news sources. And explains why the Left dedicates many energies attacking this site – because it is well respected and effective.
        As it has been said, “You Know You’re Over the Target When You’re Catching Flak.” So do keep the flak coming so as to ensure the IS remains quite on target.

    • You mean I won’t win that Pulitzer? Damn!

      You know what is really sad? It’s how predictable you nasty leftist drivebys really are.

    • Very typical, vacuous Leftist style of comment. When you don’t like the message, attack the messenger. It is why the Left needs to shut down all opposing conversation because, in the arena of common sense ideas, they have none.

  2. Over the course of the Obama years, the lying MSM and Democrats loved to assert, Obama used fewer executive orders than most past presidents. This, typical Left Wing distortion tactic.
    Instead, Obama used presidential memoranda, which carries the same weight as exec orders but with the exception, EO’s are numbered and entered into the federal register, memoranda are not.
    As of Dec. 2014, Obama already issued more presidential memoranda than any other president in US history. He managed to govern by executive fiat, not only in greater numbers, but circumvented congress on matters of grave consequences.
    Constitutionally, the scope of executive actions are limited to those needed to manage federal agencies. Like surely toddlers always testing boundaries, the use of executive orders and presidential memoranda has expanded beyond their prescribed limits. Under Obama, there seems to have been no limits.

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