Libs Won’t Protect Your Family From Existential Threats


While over 20,000 of his Seattle followers stood paralyzed, Bernie Sanders was strong-armed off the stage, by a relatively tiny, unruly group of “protestors”. They literally took the microphone, shutting down the event. It’s a snapshot of how liberals and progressives react to a real physical threat, not of their own making.

First, they try bluster. Next, there’s an attempt to make concessions. Finally comes the surrender, in this case even leaving a most favored son humiliated and fending for himself.

Bernie leaves the stage

When doing the bullying and burning, as per Occupy Wall Street “protests”, hard leftists look intimidating. But facing down genuine toughs softens their spines. Sanders’ humiliation is symptomatic of how today’s libs respond when the bullying’s directed at them.

Here are two more examples. Just look at what’s happening with two very high profile politicians, Rahm Emanuel and Barack Obama. These guys, who supposedly “made their bones” rising through the rough and tumble Chicago political machine, have proven no match when challenged by seriously bad actors.

The current mayor of the Windy City, Mr. Emanuel, had a reputation as a hard hitting pol, and take no prisoners Chief of Staff for President Obama.   It’s reported he did “his share of shouting and cursing”. That braggadocio, apparently served him well within a Beltway bubble that shelters easily frightened staff and nervous politicians. But things changed dramatically when he took over Chi-Town. Street gangs fighting drug turf wars were completely unmoved by “Rahmbo’s” D.C. tough guy rep, because it didn’t mean spit in their neighborhoods.


After a huge uptick in violence began sweeping innocents in it’s bloody path, Emanuel pathetically pleaded that gangbangers should “Get away from that (honest) kid. Take your stuff away to the alley.” He was conceding Chicago’s alleys to the criminals and killers. Rahm Emanuel, that famous kick ass liberal politico might just have well raised a white flag. The record setting killing, continues apace.

Like his buddy Rahm, Barack Obama’s bravado, is most effective when directed at soft, easy, mostly political targets, who generally lack the potential or will to retaliate in kind.   Feckless Republicans generally make good whipping boys, but aren’t the kind of opposition that sharpens a skill set needed to take on the world’s most deadly thugs.


The soft competition at home has left our our ultra progressive Obama no match for Assad, Putin, Ayatollah Khamenei, and the Chinese. His red line bluff having been called by a lowly third world dictator like Assad exposed our president as “all bluster”, and U.S. foreign policy has been cratering since. Putin took Crimea. In addition, our government institutions have been hacked by both Russia and China, exposing millions of federal workers and their families to untold liability.   Yet, even through all this, Barack’s behaved as feebly as Sanders’ and his Seattle supporters.

Given those circumstances, it’s no wonder an Iranian hardliner like Khamenei waded so easily through Barack’s bluster, negotiated stunningly unprecedented concessions, and in the end, essentially took the sword of surrender from our suddenly swagger-less liberal president. Obama’s capitulation on virtually every one of the the most critical features of this “agreement” makes the world a much more treacherous place for everyone.

Bernie hands the stage over to a dozen loudmouths in Seattle. Rahm hands the keys of the city to criminals. And Barack basically hands nukes to a bunch of terrorist murderers in Tehran. All three were cowed into submission by emboldened bullies, who feeling no authentic resistance, pushed and shoved until they got their way.


Whether it’s Sanders, Emanuel, or Obama the history of liberals’ acquiescence to those posing legitimate existential threats to ourselves and our families is frightening and dangerous. Worse still, once the pattern of bluster, concessions, and surrender is recognized by our enemies, the peril increases dramatically.




  1. Throw another ‘Duraflame log’ on the campfire ……. Kumbaya, Kumbaya ! An addendum: When the predisposition of political officeholders and office seekers is a mindset (power, control, narcissism) or self indoctrination (Kumbaya socialism) of only getting elected and staying elected, your examples are the results of those seeds. It permeates all venues of our society and permeates across political ‘lines’. Weakness is a trait that strengthens the opponents of Liberty, Freedom and Justice and all the while, without so much as a whimper, drags common sense, fairness and the rule of law into the abyss. Jim: Excellent and Timely !

  2. Like all bullies, one punch in the nose by their victims would send them to their knees. The problem is, with few exceptions no one in the main stream Republican party is willing to throw that punch.

  3. Political correctness born of the ” I am so cool …loo, how I hate America!” crowd has lead us here. We have emasculated leaders in this country who stand for strength against bullies. They are thrown under the bus by the self-anointed, media-adulating elite whose words are loud but are no protection from those intent on our destruction.

  4. Progressives eating Progressives and the media remains silent because the truth is being told about the Obama administration. Sanders also noted that millions of Americans are in desperate need of jobs as he said the unemployment numbers coming from the Obama administration aren’t to be trusted. ( ).

    “Every month government comes out with a statistic on unemployment. Last statistic said that official unemployment was 5.3 percent but what they forgot to tell you is that statistic doesn’t include those people who have given up looking for work, those people who are working part time. Add it all together and real unemployment is over 10 percent.”

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