Libya- Where Are They Headed?


Renegade groups have been striking at various installations throughout Libya and the National Transitional Council is having a difficult time uniting these groups, some of which are sponsored by al Qaida.

The following report is from June 6th by Press TV in Libya. In this Muslim country, a number of preachers are demanding Islamic law – Sharia law.

Hundreds of demonstrators, “waving black flags [al Qaida] embossed with ” I bear witness there is no God but Allah and Mohamed is the prophet of Allah, sharia guardians are determined to retain the Islamic law and also adopt the Palestinian case.”

Alarabiya reports that elections in Libya have been delayed until July, possibly August. There are dozens of new parties to deal with.

The country is still on schedule for free elections and while al Qaida has no small presence, it is unknown if they are a powerful enough presence to become a dominant force in the fragile new government. To date, elections among their neighbors in Egypt and Tunisia have benefitted Islamic rule

Continuing waves of attacks by diehard Gaddafi supporters and various other groups might attempt to derail elections.

Only 5 days ago, the Al-Awfya brigade took over the Libyan airport, which was freed in a day by the interim ruling party, the NTC. This militia of anti-Gaddafi rebels was looking for their leader, Col. Abu Ajila al-Habshi, who has either been kidnapped by the interim government or a competing rebel group.

Security sources say an Islamist group claimed Tuesday’s attack on the U.S. mission, which follows similar strikes in Benghazi on the International Committee of the Red Cross and on a United Nations convoy.

France 24 online

…”The multiplication of incidents the past two months leads one to think that these are not just isolated acts but a rise of Al-Qaeda, which takes advantage of the central authority’s weakness,” Karim Bitar, senior fellow at the Institut de Relations Internationales et Strategiques in Paris told AFP.

“This phenomenon is worrying not just for Libya but for the whole Arab world because the leaders of Al-Qaeda in Libya believe in international jihad and do not hesitate to export combattants to Syria and beyond,” he said.

The spokesman of the ruling National Transitional Council (NTC), Mohammed al-Harizi, says there is no evidence of Al-Qaeda “going active” in Libya but acknowledges that there may be individual sympathizers. [France 24]…

The U.S. mission attack is believed to be the result of the U.S. drone attack which killed al Qaida leader, Abu Yahya al-Libi. They have in fact taken credit.

Meanwhile, an ICC lawyer, Melinda Taylor, an Australian, was recently arrested in Libya for allegedly delivering “dangerous” documents to Saif al Islam, a Gaddafi son. The items included a tape recorder and a camera pen. The forces guarding Saif said the camera was found on a translator and that Ms. Taylor portrayed herself as a nurse. The ICC has not been able to secure her release from the mountain tribe guarding her.

The ICC has been battling with Libya over who should try Saif – the ICC or Libya. []