Libyan President Mohammed el-Megarif Disagrees with Dingbat Susan Rice on Benghazi Embassy Attack


Well, first of all, Chris, we are obviously investigating this very closely. The FBI has a lead in this investigation. The information, the best information and the best assessment we have today is that in fact this was not a preplanned, premeditated attack. That what happened initially was that it was a spontaneous reaction to what had just transpired in Cairo as a consequence of the video. People gathered outside the embassy and then it grew very violent and those with extremist ties joined the fray and came with heavy weapons, which unfortunately are quite common in post-revolutionary Libya and that then spun out of control.

~ U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice

It is pitiful when Americans have to get the truth about the Benghazi Embassy attack from the Libyan President and the British tabloid, the Daily Mail.

Libyan President Mohammed el-Megarif doesn’t think Libyans are running around with RPG’s in their pockets, on the ready for the first insult against Mohammed:

Any insult to Mohammed causes extreme reactions in that part of the world, but that is not what went on. Obama’s foreign policy of appeasement is what is went on or should I say went down.

U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice appeared on Fox News Sunday today as a caricature of a diplomat. In addition to saying the attacks around the world are not against the United States, she said that the Embassy had enough support. She actually thinks two Navy SEALs represented a strong security presence:


WALLACE: All right. And the last question, terror cells in Benghazi had carried out five attacks since April, including one at the same consulate, a bombing at the same consulate in June. Should U.S. security have been tighter at that consulate given the history of terror activity in Benghazi?

RICE: Well, we obviously did have a strong security presence. And, unfortunately, two of the four Americans who died in Benghazi were there to provide security. But it wasn’t sufficient in the circumstances to prevent the overrun of the consulate. This is among the things that will be looked at as the investigation unfolds and it’s also why —

WALLACE: Is there any feeling that it should have been stronger beforehand?

RICE: It’s also why we increased our presence, our security presence in Tripoli in the aftermath of this, as well as in other parts of the world. I can’t judge that, Chris. I’m — we have to see what the assessment reveals.

But, obviously, there was a significant security presence defending our consulate and our other facility in Benghazi and that did not prove sufficient to the moment.

She is absolutely incompetent. There were six vicious attacks from May until now in Benghazi. The facility was not fortified and did not even have standard protections.

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