Lie Witness News Should Terrify You


lie witness news

Instead of worrying about the water in Flint, maybe they should worry about the water in California.

In a Super Tuesday edition of a regular Kimmel feature called “Lie Witness News,” Hollywood residents claimed, while on camera, to have voted for Sanders, Clinton and Trump that very day. California’s primary is on June 7.

The chocolate chip cookies were great and the hologram system was a little concerning at the imaginary polling places. They’re honest, they lied, and were happy to get the “I voted” sticker which was actually an “I lied” sticker.

“How was your polling place?” participants were asked. Answers ranged from crowded to not too busy. One man expressed doubts about the new “hologram” voting system, another “voter” said she had to re-register as a Democrat that morning to cast a ballot for Sanders, while another voter claimed to have paid the new $10 fee to participate in the primary.

The amazing thing is they lie without even a flutter of an eyelash, not a wince, and then they say they’re honest. Even more amazing is this lying crosses all demographics. Remember when people knew how bad it was to lie?

Pray they never make it to the polls.

Watch this and weep after you laugh: