Lies, Wasteful Spending, Abuse of Power at IRS – Update


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Update: 6/3/13: Shulman’s wife, Susan L. Anderson, is an Occupier and a Tea Party basher.  Read about it at Breitbart.

Go to her twitter feed, she likes everything far-left. She is a fan of ThinkProgress, Media Matters, and MoveOn.

She was very opposed to Citizens United:

Our founding fathers do not think that the SCOTUS Citizens United is the Brown v Board decision of our generation! #wwffd #FairElections


susan-anderson Photo of Susan L. Anderson, Occupier

She was also a member of Organizing for America.

Original Story: 6/2/13:

The IRS scandal is growing by the day.

The Daily Caller reported today that Susan L. Anderson, the wife of former IRS commissioner Douglas Shulman, is the senior program advisor for the DC-based nonprofit Public Campaign – a very liberal organization.

They claim that they are “laying the foundation for reform by working with a broadening of organizations, including local community groups, around the country that are fighting for change and national organizations whose members are not fairly represented under the current campaign finance system.”

That one paragraph describes the Democratic ground organization for elections.

In early May, their president, Nick Nyhart, said the following in a not-so-subtle effort to demean targeted conservatives:

“There are legitimate questions to be asked about political groups that are hiding behind a 501(c)4 status,” Nyhart said in a statement provide to ABC. “It’s unfortunate a few bad apples at the IRS will make it harder for those questions to be asked without claims of bias.”

I wonder if Public Campaign had a problem obtaining their 501(c)(4) status.

To add insult to injury, the IRS spent about $49 million on at least 220 conferences over a period of three years beginning in 2010. IRS’ Commissioner Werfel said it’s merely a vestige from a time gone by. Werfel is a White House insider and another political hack.

The IRS spent tens of thousands on ridiculous training videos that teach nothing. They even made a video of dance lessons at one conference. Why do IRS workers need dance lessons?

Much has been made of the fact that Douglas Shulman was a Bush appointee. We hear little about the fact that he was a long-standing Democratic donor.

Dana Perino, former press secretary to George W. Bush, explained that while Shulman was appointed by Bush, Shulman was really an Obama appointee. IRS commissioners are appointed for five-year terms and Bush appointed Shulman because he was the man Obama wanted.

Shulman hasn’t donated to the Democratic Party since 2004 but was a consistent Democratic donor prior to that. His wife gave more than $38.000 to Democratic candidates in 2004. In 2006, she gave more than $30,000 to Democratic candidates.

Lois Lerner, Shulman’s Director of Exempt Organizations, once served as head of the FEC enforcement division. In that role, she led the interrogation of the Christian Coalition. The interrogation included intrusive questioning about the content of their prayers among other things.

When she was brought to the IRS to head up the tax-exempt division, it was likely they expected her to continue doing what she was doing – assaulting Conservatives and religious organizations.

Lerner was rewarded with bonuses at the IRS. One has to wonder what she was rewarded for. I can see why she would take the Fifth rather than answer that question.

The arrogance of these officials goes unmatched by anything I have ever seen. Check out the videos if you missed the hearings.

It would be very difficult to work for these IRS officials given their personalities. I understand why the workers need a union. To say Mr. Shulman is insufferable is putting it mildly.

May 21st hearing highlights:


May 22nd Hearing highlights: