Lil’ Wayne’s Hate Amerika Performance


lil wayne

Lil’ Wayne, the big hip hop star, stomped all over the American flag while he sang his latest song which included the words,”My country tis of thee, Sweet land of kill ’em all, and let ’em die, God bless Amerika, This is so godless Amerika.”

Americans have died for that flag and he is showed great disrespect for their memories and for the soldiers fighting for out country today.

The flag he used is the type of flag that was draped on my first husband’s coffin.

If Lil’ Wayne dislikes the country that has afforded him such a fine living, perhaps he should try another country he likes better and see how he makes out. How about Iran?

Most reactions to his promo video have been negative. Will we soon hear it was a wardrobe malfunction? That might not fly since the words of the song tell us all we need to know.