Lindsey Graham Caught by a Hot Mic Over Ukraine Aid



Lindsey Graham wants to help John Kerry push through a Ukraine aid package that includes an irrelevant add-on that will double the aid to the UN’s International Monetary Fund and which will spur reforms that will greatly diminish US influence in how the money is used by the IMF.

McCain invoked the name of Ronald Reagan to decry Republican failure to approve the aid, not bothering to mention the add-on.

Lindsey Graham is of the same mind as we know from his hot mic slip.

Lindsey Graham’s hot mic moment in which he tells Kerry to let him know how he can push this incredibly bad deal with Speaker Boehner:

It’s probably way past time to pretend Graham and McCain are Republicans.

The reform package added on to the Ukraine aid bill is particularly deleterious to our nation.

President Obama and the dictators in the UN want to scale back US influence while increasing required donations by the US to their monetary fund under the guise of it being a “reform package”. Obama has cleverly decided to tie this “reform package” to Ukrainian aid because Congress has not passed it on its own questionable “merits.”

While Putin is threatening to empower the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in the UN whether the US agrees or not, Obama is seeking to use the Ukrainian crisis as a vehicle to double our monetary contributions to the IMF as a requirement of providing aid to Ukraine.

The plan – the “reform package” – in the UN is to expand the power, resources and reach of the IMF while greatly reducing US power and influence. Congress has been resisting.

It would mean doubling our contributions to the IMF while shifting power to communists and socialists in Russia, China, and the so-called five BRICs – Brazil, Russia, India, and South Africa.

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