Lindsey Graham Forges a DREAMer Bill with Democrats Before Trump Is Even in Office


Senator Lindsey Graham, the allegedly Republican senator from South Carolina, is teaming up with one of the more radical left-wing members of the Senate, Dick Durbin of Illinois to prepare illegal immigration legislation before Donald Trump even takes office. Senator Jeff Flake, a liberal Republican is reportedly on board, Talking Point Memo reported..

They are working on a plan to protect DREAMers who are allegedly individuals brought to the US while they were still children. Unfortunately, border patrol has reported that anyone in lockup who said they were a DREAMer was to be believed and we don’t really know how many are legitimate DREAMers.

Durbin told reporters Thursday that the plan would be to give DREAMers protected status for a set amount of time until a broader immigration reform bill could be worked out in Congress.

There are 744,000 alleged DREAMers who would be affected if Obama’s executive action giving them protected status was rolled back. Without a status, they would not be able to legally work in the United States. In the past, they used forged documents.

“I think there is a sentiment on the Republican side that supports this. Many of them are not willing to say it publicly at this point. That’s okay, but I think we have a good chance of getting something through,” Durbin said.

The problem which must be addressed, aside from inadequate screening of who is or is not a DREAMer, is if we give anyone who came here as a child protected status and benefits, even those who were sent to travel alone with cartels by their parents, then we have to keep families together and give anyone who claims to be a family member the same status, setting up chain migration. Then we can’t let them live as second-class citizens and must reward them with taxpayer benefits which becomes very costly. All of that is against immigration law as well. Constantly adding to the list of people we protect might not be the best solution.

Another problem with this is the immediate breaking from the president before he is even in office.

Finally DACA, the executive order that protects DREAMers from deportation, included people up to 35, or who say they’re 35.